How Can I Make Money if My Email List Isn’t Responding?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

My question is that I’m still not making any money in my business. I’ve fixed my messaging, and upped my branding. People in my industry are starting to notice me. But I don’t know where to get the leads.

I have 250 people on my email list. It’s very disengaged, even though I email frequently. I’ve reached out to every person via direct email. I asked them, “Are you looking to find THIS, or are you looking to do THAT?” I don’t know what the open rate was, because I emailed them individually.

No one is responding. And no one responded to my survey. That’s where I feel stuck. What would you recommend?

Neagle Code Answer

My CEO, Steph Tuss, is the master of this!

She recommends the following tips for re-engaging your email list:

  1. Rather than sending these emails personally, send them through your CRM, so you can track open rates
  2. Resend an email, but don’t send a “this or that” email. They’re all on your list because they’re looking for something specific. Deliver VALUE before asking them do to anything in return.
  3. Fulfill the promise of why they’re on your list to begin with—what are they looking for?
  4. Send out a 9-word email to your list. It doesn’t necessarily have to be nine words, but it’s very simple. It should be a one sentence question. You could send something like, “Are you still interested in [whatever your main thing is]?” And that’s it. Sign off with just your name (no fancy headshot, phone number, email, or anything). They’ll either respond with “yes,” “no,” or they won’t respond at all. If they don’t respond at all, then you can assume the topic of your question is no longer something they are interested in.
  5. Use a good subject line. For a 9-word email, an example subject line is, “Question for you…”
  6. The next time you do a survey to your list, give them an incentive for answering the survey (because no one fills out a survey without experiencing “what’s in it for them”).

Anyone with a service-based business can send out this type of an email, including attorneys, coaches, or other businesses.

The email should not be about you at all. It shouldn’t be what you’re offering. It shouldn’t be anything about you.

It should be one single question:
“Are you still interested in… X?”

That should be the reason that they’re on your list, and following you, to begin with.

At my company, we sometimes send out an email saying, “Are you still interested in growing your business?” Period. (You might have gotten an email like that from us before.)

When they respond, this puts you into a conversation back and forth with the people who are still interested and ready for help.

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