in person learning

Blindspot Breakthrough

Spend an entire day with David virtually, and leave with the confidence you need to:
* Increase your prices…and enroll clients easily.
* Make decisions out of clarity and certainty
* Create and hit goals that actually INSPIRE you
* See where you’re going and HOW to get there!
Imagine the value and impact that will have on your business!!

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The Art of Success Summit

Join David for 3 full, incredible days! Delve into the greatest success teachings that have helped thousands who are frustrated, worried, and overwhelmed become confident and fully in control of their results! Results like turning your annual income into your monthly income, earning the time off and living the lifestyle you deserve!

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Date with Your Darkside

In this 3 1/2 day total immersion intensive, you will complete a process that allows you to uncover who you were born to be…rather than who you were taught to be so that you can crystallize your vision, make powerful confident decisions, and experience true personal freedom in ALL areas of your life.

Vip Day

For motivated, fast-action-taking business owners who want to unlock hidden profits RIGHT NOW—and who want to skip a HUGE learning curve…

Work one-on-one with David and his team to create a powerful blueprint to catapult you to your goal faster than you ever thought possible.

These programs are by application and interview only. To receive more info please call our team at