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Walk of Fame


“The most radical transformation that I experienced in my business was the mental shift of overcoming the fear and uncertainty of how to have sales conversations with potential clients. If someone would have told me six months ago I would be able to get on the phone with a potential client whom I had never met before and within 20 or 30 minutes close them into a $10,000-plus program, I would have said they were crazy. But that’s exactly what has happened by using David’s Compassionate Conversion Flow Chart. I’ve gone from having consistent 5-figure months to having consistent 5-figure days. In six weeks, I brought in over $148,000. For me, the best part about this isn’t the dollar figure. It’s the freedom from fear of the sales conversation and the confidence of knowing that no matter what the market trends are or what happens in the economy, I’ll be able to bring in revenue to my business.”

–Angelique Rewers, The Corporate Agent

“This is an emotional letter to share, because the numbers are so easy to calculate, but the feeling is difficult to put into words. I can say David and his work took me from $200,000 to over $1,000,000 in our first 10 months working together…with David’s coaching and strategy, I have made multiple millions in the last 9 months alone. But—while the money has been wonderful — what has been life changing is the freedom. The freedom to know how to make the money and the freedom from fears of being uncomfortable or living in the unknown. Daily, I am grateful for David. I am aware that my meeting with him was divine intervention and that my decision to have him coach me was The Best Decision I have ever made!

–Suzanne Evans, Hell Yeah Studios

“In less than 90 days of working with David I’ve already made 35% MORE compared to this same time last year! That’s a huge increase and the best part is, it all feels so easy. David is THE master at transforming small thinking into big leaps forward in life and business. Thanks to his teachings I’ve made quantum shifts in my money, my mindset and my belief in how easy life and business can be. Just one of the ideas he gave me is going to be produce multiple 7 figures in my business. Every time I’m with David – live or virtually – I feel a huge door of possibility open up and a clear path of success laid out in front of me. And I love David’s direct, “get to the bottom line” style that knocks the excuses right out of you and puts you on a path of personal power to achieve what you’ve only previously dreamed of.”

~ Kendall SummerHawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach

“David taught me three core things: How to make decisions; How to sell; How to charge what I’m worth. These three things have been the foundation for amazing business growth. I’m so grateful I connect to him and chose to pay him when I did.

I was making $1200 per month in my business when I met David. I went quickly to $8K per month—within a few months in a group program! What I learned and transformed with David (I’ve since done several programs with him) has led me to a $400,000 business that has unlimited potential for growth and, most importantly, I love my life, helping clients to make money from their personal truth!”

–Darla LeDoux, Profit Acceleration Coach

“We began thinking seriously about working with David Neagle in 2010. That year we grossed about $250,000. We finally began working with David in the middle of 2011. That year we grossed over $600,000. We worked with David throughout 2012. That year we broke the 7 figure barrier. Was it all because of David? No, obviously not. We had to do the work. Are we continuing to work with him? Yes, and that should tell you something.”

– RJON ROBINS Attorney & Founder of
www.How To MANAGE a Small Law


I first started working with David I was stuck at 6 figures, thinking I couldn’t sell high-ticket programs as a relationship coach. He helped me see the sales conversation as a tool for transformation and I easily went to over $500,000 in the first year. What I got from working with David was priceless because my new clarity and confidence inspired my partner to join the business. What a blessing to make great money doing what I love AND being able to share it fully and completely with the love of my life. I know the wisdom that David has given me will last a lifetime.

Debi Berndt, Relationship & Success Mindset Mentor

“My income was pretty much stuck at the same level for over a year before I hired David – I just couldn’t seem to get past making an average $25K a month. I doubled my average monthly income the very first month after starting to work with David…and it just kept going up from there. I ended up tripling my annual revenue, going from $250K in 2011 to $750K in 2012…all in just nine months of coaching with David. Right now, my average monthly income is double what a “good” month used to be.”

–Andrrea Hess, www.Andrrea

“Since working with David for the past year, I’ve upleveled my business in many ways. I was stuck and struggling with my six figure business, but once David helped me change my mindset and improve my sales skills, I was able to be who I needed to be and my revenue skyrocketed. Sales were close to half a million dollars in the past 12 months, and I’m on track to breakthrough the seven figure mark before the end of the year.”

–Cheryl Heppard, www.

“When I started working with David my monthly revenue was stalled for months and I was having a hard time breaking out of it. I knew it was my mindset that was holding me back but I didn’t know what it was or how to handle it. Over the past 8 months I’ve worked one-on-one with David and listened to a whole range of trainings he has done, and the shift in my thinking has been dramatic. It didn’t happen right away because I experienced a lot of resistance and internal push back in the beginning, but sticking with it allowed me to start getting the breakthroughs I needed.

I’ve just closed my highest deal ever, a $50K/yr contract. I’ve raised my prices over 30% across the board, reduced my time invested in my programs in half and been able to sell contracts just the same as before. I’ve closed over $120K in annual contracts this month alone. (April 2015) Without the help from David I know none of this would have been possible. I am very grateful for what David does and the clarity he is able to bring to the very confusing space of personal development.”


–Karan Dhillon, founder of