This hit me like a punch in the stomach

This hit me like a
punch in the stomach

The first business I built didn’t go well. I wasn’t doing “bad,” but it wasn’t great, either. So I sought out advice from someone who was successful in the areas I wanted to succeed at.

This person listened quietly…as I told him everything that was going wrong in my business.
I complained.
I engaged in self-pity.

He looked me right in the eye and said,

“I know what your problem is…
you don’t want this bad enough.”

His words hit me like a punch in the stomach. It was hard to hear.

What I learned from that incident was I’d been spending so much time thinking about what I was doing, but I was not changing my thinking through acting.

Thinking by itself does not cause a person to be successful. You must take the actions that will cause you to be successful.

Whatever your desire is, you must take accurate ACTION in order to make it happen.

You must act your way into a new way of thinking…not think your way into a new way of acting.

Today, my company is known for helping people grow their business. We give them a strategy that will give them the results they want immediately. We help them build that foundation from a solid place.

However, this does not change their thinking. It’s not the “thinking” that makes the strategy work. It’s taking the action that makes it work.

Most people approach it by saying, “I have to change my thinking first…before I can take any action…”

They let fear stop them, and they don’t take action on their desire. They’re too busy THINKING about what they’re doing (or not doing)…instead of taking the action.

I recognized early on in my career that people want results quickly. I became known for helping them do this.

But it’s done by acting your way into a new way of thinking…not by thinking your way into a new way of acting.

What action can you take today to move you in the direction of your desire?

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The Art of Success – Article #14 – The Law of Giving and Receiving

The Law of
Giving and Receiving

Last week I wrote about the difference between thrivers and survivors.

Thrivers are always GIVING their best to the Universe; while survivors are trying to GET from the Universe.

Let’s look closer at these two mindsets, and how they relate to the Law of Giving.

By Law, the Universe must reward you with whatever you impress upon it. In other words, whatever you give, you will get back.

Always remember…


Where are you in terms of this Law?

Thrivers are filled with purpose that springs forth from the true desire in their heart. Therefore, they give the very best of themselves in useful service each day. It’s always a pleasure to be around these people, because they give their best to everyone.

Thrivers see life as one endless stream of opportunities to give their best.

By Law, the Universe must return to them the energy they put out. If the thriver is a business owner, then the universe rewards them with plenty of opportunities to be successful and give their best.

By contrast, the survivor believes in lack and scarcity, and sees it everywhere. So this is exactly what the Universe returns to them — lack. The survivor collects evidence of lack in their life, which further validates their belief in it. “See? There’s not enough,” they say.

The Universe mirrors them and responds by giving them “not enough.”

That’s the Law of Giving.

The Universe doesn’t care if what you’re giving is good or bad, it will always return it back to you.

Make a conscious decision to give your very best in everything you do, and the Universe will respond by giving it’s best right back to you!

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Am I addicted to fear?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


Hi David! Thanks so much for this Saturday morning kick in the pants…

Here’s my question. Over the last year I have set goals, and for the most part, hit them. However, each time I reach a goal, I feel a new set of fears bearing down on me. I keep thinking that if I could just be successful enough or make enough money, the fears will go away and my life will be easy. Is this accurate thinking or am I a fear addict?


Great question and congratulations on your growth and success!

What you’re experiencing is what I like to call “New level, new devil”.

Many people have a common misunderstanding that once they hit a certain point in their business; everything suddenly becomes a bed of roses.

The truth is that every time you change, adapt and grow, you experience fear. It’s a natural part of the process. Remember, your ego sees growth and change as a threat, and therefore creates the illusion of fear to keep you exactly where you are.

As an entrepreneur, you MUST get comfortable being uncomfortable.

So the MOST important thing to remember as you’re going through the terror barrier each time, is that whatever you focus on will grow.

If you give energy to the fear by trying to fight it or figure it out, you will manifest reasons to feel fearful. If you focus on the success, you will manifest opportunities to be successful.

Here’s your cheat sheet on coping with the fear.

When you feel yourself going to that dark place, instead of fighting it, which only gives energy to it, greet it like an old friend, and say, “Thanks fear, it’s nice to know you’ll always be there for me, but today I’m going to focus on something else (love, my successes, what I’m grateful for, etc).”

Pretty soon, the fear will take a back seat, and you’ll get so good at redirecting your thoughts, that the next time you feel the fear bubbling, all you have to do is think, “NEXT!”, and quickly move to a thought steeped in love or gratitude.

1)Fear is a lie.


2) Spirit NEVER speaks to you through fear.

When you begin to experience fear, become aware of what it really is.

A lie cannot hold up in the light of the truth.

“Just Believe”,®

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“Accurate Thinking”

Of the 17 Laws of Success that Napoleon Hill wrote about, the number one law most people overlook is “Accurate Thinking.”  The major reason for this becomes apparent when you begin to study human behavior.  “Accurate Thinking”  can only be accomplished if one is to learn to think accurately.  Not only are most individuals never taught how to do this, their egos actually resist having to make this personal change.  The average adult has a very difficult time accepting the idea that they don't think accurately.  Interestingly enough, the more education and success they have managed for themselves the more ego that is usually built up and the more they resist these ideas.

I have witnessed many people who have paid for an expensive education (attaining various levels of success) meet terrible trouble once they are on their own in an entrepreneurial venture.  The reasons for this are often explained by the entrepreneur pointing out what “circumstance” brought down his/her business.

With the EGO in control they hold tightly to their story and continue their downward spiral until they either change or become so frustrated and overwhelmed they quit.  What's fascinating is another person can experience the same OR WORSE set of circumstances and not only does is not bring down their business, but it's used as a launching pad for even greater success.

When you break from the bondage of an employer and decide to follow your own path, you must understand that your success depends on a completely different set of rules than you played by before.  The new path that you are on is filled with new decisions and the way you make these new decisions must come from this new form of “Accurate Thinking.”  Prior to this, your decision making process was almost entirely based on weighing facts and circumstances ONLY and then making seemingly logical decisions based on prior knowledge.  This knowledge came from the rules you had previously been told as truths for your life.

One of the most troublesome decisions a person must make is when money is involved.  Usually it is the lack of money that is the problem.  It looks something like this:

The lack (or limit) of money a person has in their possession is a hard fact to them.  Yet they are attempting to follow their dream and whenever a person does this they are met with various opportunities that are essential to the fulfillment of the dream.  What is not understood is each opportunity requires the person to step into an uncomfortable place and overcome whatever challenge keeps pressing their situation.  In all cases, you are presented with the same challenge, though it may appear to come in different forms. If you look closely you will see the core of the problem is the same.

When the problem is money and it controls your decisions, you are not following the spirit within you, rather you are following a limited situation BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO OVERCOME THE SITUATION.  This requires a new kind of thinking –  “Accurate Thinking.”  To acquire “Accurate Thinking,” you must learn not only the concepts behind it, but you must experience it and integrate it into who you are as a person.  Now ask yourself this very important question.  When opportunity to advance  comes your way what is the underlying cause of your decision to either do it or not do it?  The universe will give you whatever you ask for but if you ask from a place of lack you will never get what you want or need.  The success you want is real, the wealth you desire is really here for you and everything you need to help bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to go is being presented to you everyday.  If you are thinking accurately you will see it.