Are you trying to attract support?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


How do I find dependable, reliable people when building a team especially when they don't return calls or show up?


Fantastic question!

First, you need to remember that you create your reality. So let's try to pinpoint what's going on here.

I need you to answer a few questions, and it's REALLY important that you take some time with these questions and allow yourself to be honest.

Question #1: Do you really want a team?

Are you willing to give up certain aspects of your business and TRUST that someone else can do them?

The reason I ask this question is because a lot of entrepreneurs say they want a team, and yet, they are afraid of establishing a team and delegating at the same time. They'll say that they want someone to help them, and yet they don't want to give up the reins or simply don't trust others to do what they are asked to do.

Over and over I've heard entrepreneurs say, “If I want it done right, I might as well just do it myself.” That kind of thinking is based in lack, and will never allow you to attract effective team members.

You're really sending mixed messages when your intellect is telling you that a team is needed, but deep down, you're afraid of taking on a team.

Question #2: Do you effectively communicate your expectations to your team?

Believe it or not, team members are not mind readers. If you want something done, you must be able to explain your requirements or vision for the task and give a clear deadline.

Don't forget, communication goes both ways. It's also important for your team members to know that you value their thoughts and opinions as well.

I've seen many teams implode due to lack of communication, and it's really unfortunate (and preventable).

Question #3: Are you getting what you pay for?

When entrepreneurs first begin to think about adding team members, more often than not, they are at a place in their business where they can't really clearly see how they can add a team member and pay them at the same time. They must take a risk in hiring someone to allow for the continued growth of their business.

This is where the problem comes in.

They don't see the new team member as an investment in their company, and they look for the “least expensive help” they can find. They base their hiring on price rather than quality.

Who do you think gets a better return for their money; someone who hires an entry level VA who's not familiar with their business at $25.00 per hour, or someone who hires a VA who's experienced and understands business at $75.00 per hour?

ALWAYS make decisions based on where you want to go rather than where you are right now, or you'll always be stuck right where you are right now.

So, in short, EXPECT to find a team member who identifies with the vision of your company, TRUST them to do the tasks that you effectively communicate to them, and be willing to PAY them for their expertise.

“Just Believe”,®

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