How to Eliminate Price Objections

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comes from Dijana.

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Hi David,

What would you do when you finally, after a struggle with your self-worth, set a price for your service that is true to you and then some potential clients in your industry tell you that your prices are outrageous, especially for a beginner. Top-notch people in the industry charge less than you.

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Hi Dijana and thanks for your question!

First of all, congratulations on setting a price for your services that are in alignment with who you are and what you offer! That is a task that many entrepreneurs struggle with.

What would I do? Honestly, I wouldn’t do anything!

There will always be people and messages that appear in your life to create doubt in your mind toward the decisions that you’ve made.

Remember: Your sub conscious mind will create whatever it needs to get you to go back to where it perceives you are safe.

Hold firm in your decision Dijana, and really ask yourself if these people who have told you that your prices are outrageous are your ideal clients.

I’m guessing they are not.

And the next time you get that objection, stand confident in your offerings and ask them,

“You believe this is expensive? Compared to what?”

This will tell you how they are approaching their buying decision and allow you to see what’s really going on in their mind.

Just Believe,®
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