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This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

You’ve often asked, “What are you resisting?”  Well, I’m resisting letting go of control. I know that in order to push my business where I want it to be, I need let go of control. I cannot do everything myself.

I’ve tried letting other people do things for me — but sometimes they don’t do what I expect them to do.

How do I let go of my need to control, without losing the integrity of my vision?

How do I let go of control, without settling for less than what I want?

Neagle Code Answer

Amazing question!!

There are certain things you let go of control of… and there are certain things you don’t.

It’s your business, so you have to give it direction.

You’re in control of the people you hire to do the job you expect them to do. You’re in control of holding them accountable for that.

You’re not in control of them doing the work. That’s where you give direction only.

Your direction needs to be clear and concise. When you hire someone, make sure you’re hiring a person who can do the job you need done.

What I typically find in people who have a control issue is — they subconsciously hire people whom they can control. They don’t hire people who are independent enough to take the direction, and who can do a better job than you’d do yourself.

As a business owner, think of yourself as a conductor of a symphony. You want the best symphony in the world. You’re looking for the best people who can play specific instruments you need to make your symphony really sing.

All you’re doing is directing everyone and keeping them in time, based on where the music is telling you to go.

The “music” is in us — it’s our dream, our goal, our vision.

You communicate your vision to everyone you hire, who plays the instruments in your company. You start to love it, because you have people who are masters at playing their instrument in your business. You’re directing where they’re going, so it’s all in harmony. The whole thing moves like a beautiful piece of music.

Also — don’t hire people who take things personally. Hire people who can handle criticism well.

When they make mistakes, you’ll need to correct them to help them improve. The idea is that they take the feedback and make the corrections — not get so offended by it that they can’t move on.

If you have a control issue, then when somebody makes a mistake, it makes you feel out of control.

So ask yourself: “How am I communicating with that person from my own insecurity?”

Always take responsibility for how someone else is showing up in YOUR business — and you’ll fix the problem completely.

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