What are You Creating?

What are You Creating?

We’re all creative beings. You, me, your next-door neighbor, everyone…

In fact, God (or “Spirit,” or the universe) gave us the power to create. The universe itself is creative in nature.

The higher faculties of our intellect are designed to be creative.

The question is — what are you creating?

Are you creating a life you absolutely love?

…Or a life you’re just settling for? (or tolerating?)

We’re always creating something.

…Even if it’s just rearranging the living room.

Think for a moment what it’d be like to create a life you really desire, where you refuse to settle.

What does that look like?

It requires going after everything you want to BE, DO, or HAVE, with everything you’ve got in you — with full excitement and enthusiasm for life itself.

Does that describe you?

A great way to get better at creating the life you want, is to intentionally practice creating something each day.

Try it for 7 days.

List out 7 things you want to “be, do, or have.” On each of the 7 days, create one thing on your list — from start to finish. Do whatever it takes.

Challenge yourself to create all 7 things, even if they’re imperfect!

Make each item on your list simple and fairly easy, so you know you can follow through on it.

This will hone your ability to create the life you really you want.

(Many famous musicians, authors, and artists do this all the time.)

Creating something daily is an amazing habit to have. It allows spirit to flow through you on a consistent basis.

It’s in harmony with the intentional creative energy of the universe. (God or “Spirit” created everything…and we have that same power.)

When we create, we keep the energy of the universe moving through us on a regular basis. This allows us to receive new “downloads” of information on what to do next.

The more we do it, the more the “how” shows up.

The answer of “how” to do something, comes along with the download.

…But in order to get the downloads, we have to first make the decision that we’re going to create what we want.

(If we refuse to do that — then not only will we NOT get any new ideas, but the “how” won’t be revealed to us.)

So… what do you want to create?

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How to Title and Tagline Your Programs

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions
for Life”
comes from David Miller.

Neagle                 Code Question

Hi David and thanks so much for the opportunity to ask you a question!

I’m getting ready to host my first webinar, and I’m struggling with the topic and title. Do you have any quick pointers that will help me create something that people will be inspired to attend?

Neagle                                               Code Answer

Hi David!

I can absolutely help you with this question.

Let’s start with choosing content.

When my team and me choose content for virtual programs like a webinar, we always ask ourselves a few questions about our students. These questions help us make sure that we are creating something that will add a ton of value to their life.

Question #1: What’s the biggest day-to-day frustration for them?

Question #2: If they could wave a magic wand and change one thing, what one thing would make the biggest difference in their life?

Question #3: What symptoms are they experiencing because of this problem?

Answering these three questions will help you see the topic most interesting to your clients. From there you can weave your expertise with helping them address a problem they are really wanting to solve.
Choosing a title for your webinar doesn’t need to be difficult either.

Don’t re-invent the wheel here.

Sometimes we get our best ideas from looking at magazine headlines and article titles.

Here are a few guidelines when creating title.

Guideline #1: Make sure your title makes a solid promise.

Guideline #2: Make sure your title speaks to your audience’s desired result OR biggest frustration.

Guideline #3: Make sure your title is more clear than cute.

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