Do partners in bed make partners in business?

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My husband and I bought the company he was working for 5 years ago. I truly believe in God and that we can change the circumstances of our lives. My husband does not and our business (distributor of industrial machinery) is in serious financial trouble. How can I change things around if my husband is trapped in negativity and stress? He is the one who makes the business decisions.
Thank you David!


Thanks so much for this question!

Is this your husband's business, or do you own it jointly?

The reason I'm asking is VERY important.

If you and your husband own the business jointly, why does your husband make all the business decisions?


If this is your husband's business, why are you trying to save him? Are you using his situation as a distraction from what you should be doing for yourself?

I'm going to answer this question based on the assumption that you and your husband both own the business.

I'm not questioning your belief in God that you can turn your business into success, I'm just wondering how you can take action on that faith if you've given all decision making power to your husband.

If you own your business jointly, you should discuss business decisions together.

That being said, generally when this scenario pops up with entrepreneurs and their partners it's because each person wants something completely different.

If you haven't already, I recommend sitting down as a couple and having an honest discussion about what each of you wants.

Are they the same or completely different?

Your business is failing for a reason, and if you do both not want the same things, it could be sabotaging your success.

Here's an activity I recommend for all couples who are also in business together.

Give yourselves the assignment of writing down your personal goals. Be sure to include financial, personal, short term and long term goals.

Set a “date” to discuss what you've each written. You may even want to get out of the house to share your lists.

Concentrate on really listening to what your partner is telling you. Ask questions, and be careful not to judge what they've written.

Ask your partner why they want what they want, and what their goals really mean to them.

It's my hunch that in doing this exercise, you'll not only open the lines of communication back up, but also gain some awareness around why your business is currently struggling.

“Just Believe”,®

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