A Fork in the Road

A Fork in the Road

Nothing happens in the universe by chance.

There’s a purpose for every single thing you experience in your life… whether you’re aware of it or not.

In a very real sense, we’re constantly coming to a “crossroads” with each opportunity we experience.

At any moment, you are faced with a choice: stay where you are… or do something to change your experience.

Each time we’re faced with a decision… we’re also being called to step into “faith.”

We either have faith in moving in the direction we want to go in…

Or we have faith in the fear that’s holding us back.

If we have faith in the fear, then we stay stuck. We stay right where we are.

Think about a decision you’re trying to make in your life. What is that decision?

Whatever it is… faith is coming in at this specific time, for a very specific reason in your life.

You cannot break through the fear that’s stopping you without the power of faith.

Faith allows you to keep moving forward, even though fear is present in your life.

I’m not talking about an ordinary faith… but a faith with deep understanding.

That’s really the key to freedom.

I find that as a person begins to understand the truth behind everything they’re experiencing… their life starts to change in that moment.

As you read this now, you’re at a crossroads in your life. You’ve been given the gift of making a conscious choice.

(A conscious choice happens when you’re aware that you’re choosing… and you’re not just choosing based out of a reaction.)

People are always making choices… but they’re often choosing between two things they don’t want.

They’re not thinking to themselves, “If I could do ANYTHING, have anything, and be anything — then THIS is the direction I would take.”

What choice is in front of you right now?

Are you going to stay the same or are you going to make a choice to step into your purpose?

Choose wisely.


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