Are Ease and Grace possible?

Are Ease and Grace possible?

Have you ever experienced “ease” and “grace” in your life…where everything seems to be flowing well? Things work well…and everything goes smoothly.

That “flow” is how the universe was designed to be.

In fact, it’s the natural order of the universe.

(It’s also the main idea behind the principle of “more life to all.”)

The universe — and everything in it — operates in perfect harmony…according to the needs of the whole.

If you look in nature, everything fulfills its purpose…and it does so brilliantly. The oak tree becomes the best, most magnificent oak tree that it can become…and it does so without struggle. All animals and plants do the same (unless humans get involved).

If this is the case…then why are so many people NOT living their purpose with ease and grace?

Why are so many creating struggle and chaos instead?

What prevents us from experiencing
the natural flow and ease of life?

One word: resistance.

When we’re in resistance…this brings confusion, chaos, and congestion. Things start to break down. “Problems” pop up in our life, and all hell breaks loose. Nothing seems to work.

That’s why I always ask people who are “stuck”…

What are you resisting?

The universe doesn’t stop us from being, doing, or having anything in our life.

The truth is…WE’RE the only thing that stops the flow in our own life.

Usually it’s something in our subconscious programming that keeps us from flipping the easy switch.

Think about what you might be resisting in your own life?

If you have a goal or desire…what are you resisting being, doing, or having that would help you move closer to reaching that goal?

That’s resistance.

It’s only when we become non-resistant to the ease and grace of the universe…do we start to experience that effortless state of “flow.”

I’ll be talking more about this topic in the next few articles…stay tuned!

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