How to respond to price requests via email

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Al.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David!

Sales question for you…

The biggest obstacle in my sales happens when I get an email from a prospect that goes something like this:

Hi Al,

I’m interested in working with you. Can you send me a list of your programs and the price for each?

In the past, I’ve always sent the information they were requesting, but then I rarely hear back from them, and since I don’t have their number, I can’t call to follow up.

I’d love to know how you’d respond.


Neagle Code Answer

Al, this is a great question!

First of all, I want to point out that sending a list of your programs and pricing via email is never in service to your prospect, and it certainly isn’t in service to you.

You don’t know if your programs or services can help someone unless you speak with them, AND if they are considering working with you directly, you don’t know if you want to help them.

Also, if they are basing their decision on price, chances are they are not going to choose the program that’s actually going to solve their problem.

Here is an example of a great response that positions you well and is also in service to your prospect.

Dear Prospect,

Thank you so much for inquiring about my services. However, simply giving you a price for my programs without having a conversation to discuss the unique needs of your business, your goals, and your vision is not in service to you and something I simply will not do.

I’d be happy to offer you a 15 min conversation to determine which program might best meet your needs and if at any time, you believe your time is wasted, we can say our goodbyes and move on.

Please respond to this email with 3 times that may work for us to connect in the next several days.

I look forward to connecting with you!

This short email makes a clear statement that you are not interested in working with people who are discount shoppers, and allows you to remain in control of the conversation.

If they don’t respond with dates and time to connect, you know they most likely would not have invested with you in the first place.

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