The Art of Success – Article #9 – All about fantasies…

All about fantasties …

Most of you know that kids are great at using their imaginations and fantasizing about things.

In fact, when we were little kids and we first came into this world, we didn’t have any trouble at all fantasizing. We pretended we were in rocket ships or that we were princes, princesses, ballerinas, or football players.

If you give a kid just pots and pans and wooden spoons and keep them away from the television, they’ll create amazing things with their imagination.

No one taught them how to do this. They were born with this innate ability.

We would call it a complete fantasy — something that’s taking place entirely in their mind. They’re building images in their mind.

However, as people grow older, they seem to lose this ability to imagine and fantasize.

They’re taught
to be “realistic.”

I've often asked myself, why God would give us such an incredible imagination and the ability to fantasize — and then, as we start to grow up, we’re told not to use it. It just never made sense to me.

At school, kids are told to get their head out of the clouds and stop daydreaming. Teenagers are encouraged to go into certain careers because they have an “aptitude” for some skill — but they’re never asked, “What do you REALLY want to do?”

So over time, kids learn to stop using their imagination. They abandon their true desires and give up their dreams.

Maybe this happened for you at some point.

Have you lost the ability to imagine and fantasize about what you truly desire?

Here’s the good news: no one ever really loses this ability. It’s always there, even if it’s latent. (Although it may be buried under your need to conform.)

I invite you to get back in touch with the desires you had as a kid.

Allow yourself to daydream.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do? What if you allowed yourself to fantasize about it?

All creation begins with an image in the mind…so imagine away!

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[Goal Setting Series]Article #2 ~ Go Beyond What You Know

In my last article, I introduced my new series on how to set goals that utilize the power of the Universe, and I showed you how to remove time from the equation.

Today, I'm urging you to use your most powerful tool when creating goals: your imagination.

Fantasy Matters

When most people sit down to set goals, they evaluate their present results, decide what needs to change, and then ask themselves what they think they can achieve.

They never consider using fantasy or their imagination.

That's a great loss, because when you fantasize you're actually altering the frequency of your brain to make it more receptive to expansive ideas in the Universe you might never have considered.

In fact, one of the primary functions of the human brain is to engage in fantasy and use the imagination to draw ideas, desire and purpose from the soul.

It's the best way to discover what you really want.

Yet, most of us rarely use this divine gift because it was shut down when we were young.

How the Divine Gift Was Stolen

If you leave small children alone, they will engage their imagination automatically. In their own world, kids can do and be whatever they want.

At most schools, however, they're taught conformity. Fantasy and the imagination are slowly, sometimes severely, whacked out of them.

Children are scolded for day dreaming, not paying attention. Over time, they learn that fantasizing is not okay.

When it's time to start making critical decisions for the direction of their life, young adults are in trouble, because they have little connection to their inner world.

They have no idea what their purpose is. They're unable to understand the desire inside of them. They have little idea who they are.

Unable to fully think for themselves, they ask, “What does my guidance counselor or parents or spouse think I should do? What does the economy indicate? What do people tell me I'm good at?”

Their decisions and goals are made based on what they currently know, what others tell them and what they think they can do.

If you make your goals from that place, you're already off course.

You get a year or two down the road, and you're miserable, so you sit down and make another plan, considering your present results and what you think you can do.

That cycle can repeat for a lifetime, without your ever truly understanding what's missing.

Go Beyond

What's missing is you ~ what you desire and broader guidance from your soul.

Listen, there is no limit to your potential.

I'll lead you through this next time, but if you use fantasy and your imagination to create your goals, you'll remove human barriers that prevent you from having a life you truly desire.

You'll utilize the full power of the Universe and create absolutely wonderful and astounding things.

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