Do it yourself? Are you saving a fortune or is it costing you a fortune?

I recently found myself in a conversation with an individual who asked me why I don't cut my own grass.  He said,

“David, it must cost you a fortune to have your lawn cut. I would never waste money paying someone else to do something I can do myself.”

I asked him if he was on a fixed income, and he replied that he was.  I then asked him,

“How much do you think you could earn if you took all the time you spent on house chores and invested the time in learning how to better yourself and build a business that would earn you money each and every month – whether you worked or not?”

He was silent for a while and then said, “I don't know.  Is it REALLY possible?”  I looked at him and said, “Not only it is possible, but I can show you how to do it.”

The first words out of his mouth after that were, “What is it going to cost me?”

I replied, “A fortune!”  He told me that he suspected it to be pricey, but then I explained how he was filling his entire life with busy work that was costing him the ability to earn his fortune.

Hire others so you can have greater focus on creating the life you want.  Here are some suggestions of the things you should NOT be doing:

Cutting Grass
Doing laundry
Cleaning your house
Washing your car
Grooming your pets
Cooking your meals
Managing your bills
Fixing things around your home and office.
The list goes on and on….

Keep in mind as your income grows, you are creating more jobs for people who really do need them. That's a good thing.  As you grow, you help others do the same thing.  Hiring others to help you succeed adds to the world!

In your business start with VA's (virtual assistants) to help you with all of the weakest (or most problematic) areas of your life.  Save your time and allow yourself to focus on what you do best. Then you can watch your income grow!