Are You Playing Ping-Pong or Leap Frog?

How many businesses get stuck in struggle, or fail altogether, because the environment in which they work functions like a game of Ping-Pong?

In Ping-Pong, two players bounce a little ball back and forth over a small net, until one player is unable to return the ball.  This paddling of the ball-back and forth, back and forth-may continue for an extended period of time, but eventually, one of the players will miss. The ball will be dropped.

Many entrepreneurs set up and perpetuate a business environment that closely resembles this game of Ping-Pong. They bounce back and forth between making sales and paying their bills. This cycle goes on and on, until eventually, one side is no longer able to return the ball.

These entrepreneurs desperately want to increase business. But with every attempt to grow via a hard return of the ball, they step further away from the Ping-Pong table. They hope they can adjust or adapt before the ball comes back towards them. They gain perspective away from the table, only to have to quickly return to the baseline to return the ball again.

The only way to break free of this game is to DECIDE not to play. You must simply walk away from the dysfunctional environment you've created.  And you don't have to feel bad about this either, because when you created this environment, you did so in innocent ignorance – you didn't know there was a better way!

Now understand that everyone is blessed, but you must step into your power in order to receive.  The best way to do this in business is to Leap Frog over your own initial start up.  Your initial start up is filled with challenges that are mostly created by you-and only you-so if you learn to focus in on the two most important areas of your new business first, you'll Leap Frog over years of frustration and low profits.

Once you have established your initial product or service that you are bringing to market, your job becomes two fold:

First: Learn to sell to the best of your ability to build a solid customer base.

Then: Closely examine the needs of this base, so that you may develop specialized products and services that compliment your original product, but that serve your customers further. In doing so, your customers will happily repeat the buying process time and time again.

By first focusing on the initial sales and the building of your customer base, you create an environment for yourself to continue to Leap Frog from one level to the next, without getting caught up in the busyness and problems that a slow climb creates.

Another enormous bonus is that you concurrently create the profits you need to expand at whatever rate you like. Your business will continue to grow exponentially if you keep Leap Frogging, instead of working your way through each and every challenge that presents itself.

It's never perfect, so don't expect it to be...

You will make the changes required as need be, but you won't be running back to the table to hit the ball. If you put in place the staff and resources to meet those challenges as they arise, you will reduce your stress level and cut right through to implement streamlined, profitable solutions.

Leap Frogging is a mindset that will allow you to transform just about every area of your life-and Yes!-even your income.  So go ahead and drop the Ping-Pong ball – it's time to make the leap. Jump.

“Just Believe,”