I didn’t know how either

I Didn't Know How Either

When I started my company over 17 years ago, I came to a crossroads.

I had to choose between staying at my corporate job (where I worked for a direct fuel distributor) — or walking away, so that I could step into something related to my dream (my life’s purpose).

I didn’t know what my dream or purpose was, exactly.

All I knew was that if I stayed in my job, I would never be able to live my dream.

Today people always ask me, “David, how do I do this? Here’s what I want. But I get stuck in the how.”

Well, I was stuck in the same place. I had no idea “how” to do what I’m doing today. I had to learn all of that along the way.

But I couldn’t learn any of it without first coming to that crossroads — and then having the faith to make a right turn instead of a left turn.

“Left turn” was staying in a place that was comfortable.

“Right turn” meant stepping out in faith towards my dream… and making the decision that I would let Spirit (or God) lead my life.

I had to trust that the opportunity would show up, and it would guide me to where I am now.

To the average person, that’s crazy… quitting your job to follow a dream.

I was married, had four kids, a mortgage, car payments, the whole thing. I had everything we call “the American Dream.”

I was going to risk it all to follow what some people would think is a crazy dream that had no basis in reality.

I’d never done it before. Nobody I knew had ever done it before, and nobody even knew how to do it.

How do you make a decision that seems absolutely nuts in most people’s minds?

It required that I gain more than an ordinary knowledge of FAITH.

Faith would allow me to step out and embrace my dream… and do it while knowing EVERYTHING that was required for me to succeed, would show up.

That’s exactly how I did it. I totally stepped into that road.

I studied faith and applied it to my life. This allowed me to overcome a massive amount of fear.

On this day before Thanksgiving, I urge all of you to take a few moments and remember those times in your life where you stepped outside of the box, did something no one thought you could do, or really followed what your inner voice was telling you to be, do or have.

Be grateful for your own courage and faith and all the people and resources that supported you… and remind yourself that you CAN do GREAT things through the power of decision, faith and action!


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You “know it” – but are you living it?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Marty K.

Neagle Code Question

I intellectually understand the concepts of which you teach, but understanding them in my head is not the same as feeling them. How do I bring these into my heart/soul/body–internalize them– and REALLY feel them and own them?

Neagle Code Answer

What a fantastic question!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been teaching someone and they will say, “I know that.” And yet, the effects of that knowledge are not showing up in their life.

Here is the key:


Let me explain.

There is big difference between consciously understanding something and subconsciously becoming that understanding. In simple terms, you have to live and practice the new knowledge.

Let’s say an entrepreneur “knows” that they need to stop hiding behind their computer. They “know” that they need to talk to people. They “know” that they have a fear of rejection, and that’s what’s stopping them from having sales conversations. They “know” that if anyone judges them, that judgment is about the person judging and has nothing to do with the entrepreneur.

And yet, as the entrepreneur enters the room where they had intended to meet people and engage people in sales conversations, they allow their fear to keep them from speaking to a single person.

They “know” what’s happening, but they haven’t given themselves a new experience to prove that the fear is a lie. Therefore they haven’t created a new pattern and integrated the knowledge. They don’t truly KNOW.

The teachings that you consciously learn must become a part of who you are being, and to do that, you must experience them.



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