The Art of Success – Article #14 – The Law of Giving and Receiving

The Law of
Giving and Receiving

Last week I wrote about the difference between thrivers and survivors.

Thrivers are always GIVING their best to the Universe; while survivors are trying to GET from the Universe.

Let’s look closer at these two mindsets, and how they relate to the Law of Giving.

By Law, the Universe must reward you with whatever you impress upon it. In other words, whatever you give, you will get back.

Always remember…


Where are you in terms of this Law?

Thrivers are filled with purpose that springs forth from the true desire in their heart. Therefore, they give the very best of themselves in useful service each day. It’s always a pleasure to be around these people, because they give their best to everyone.

Thrivers see life as one endless stream of opportunities to give their best.

By Law, the Universe must return to them the energy they put out. If the thriver is a business owner, then the universe rewards them with plenty of opportunities to be successful and give their best.

By contrast, the survivor believes in lack and scarcity, and sees it everywhere. So this is exactly what the Universe returns to them — lack. The survivor collects evidence of lack in their life, which further validates their belief in it. “See? There’s not enough,” they say.

The Universe mirrors them and responds by giving them “not enough.”

That’s the Law of Giving.

The Universe doesn’t care if what you’re giving is good or bad, it will always return it back to you.

Make a conscious decision to give your very best in everything you do, and the Universe will respond by giving it’s best right back to you!

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