How to up-level your way to 7-figures

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David I've heard you teach recently that you need to spend your way to a million dollars. Can you explain a little more about what that means?

Thanks so much for your time and message!

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Thanks for the question!
What I mean when I say you have to spend your way to a million is you have to be willing to invest in your own growth.

If you’re not willing to invest in yourself and your business, you will never make it to a million. For you to grow and your business to grow you have to up-level.

You have to believe that you can earn a certain amount of money. Then you make financial commitments that will give you enough pressure to get to work. You want to commit to the next level, but not so much that you fold under the pressure.

When you’re too comfortable with where you are, it doesn’t create urgency to change and you won’t do what you have to do to earn the money you want.

It is easier to stay in your comfort zone than to go beyond it; therefore if you don’t create the urgency that forces you out of it, you will get just to the edge of your comfort zone, but not far enough to really create change.

So raise your standard of living and buy that new car or that new thing you want.

But remember, you also have to raise your standard in your work to bring in the money to pay for it.

Keep doing this and your income will continually increase month after month all the way to a million.

Just Believe,®
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Could fear actually lead to opportunity?

What if someone told you your million or multi-million dollar opportunity was closely linked to your fear?  What would you think?

Think about that right now…even write it down and look at it several times a day.  Thinking – I mean real thinking – is a lot of focused work, but there are great rewards for doing it.

FEAR = a programmed concept you either created or acquired from another person.
DESIRE = a longing from within to change your results.

Often, people DESIRE to have more money, but they FEAR the things in their current circumstances.  Fear creates a focus in a specific direction, and all of your attention is on the object of your fear.  Did you get that?

Simple Truth…

This creates a very limited reality, and the reality you believe in becomes your truth.

People won't act on things they don't believe to be true, and when fear is involved, IT BECOMES A TRUTH.  Think about how real something is when you are afraid.  The big problem is when you are afraid you have a difficult time seeing other opportunities. If you have the desire to increase your wealth the opportunity must be there. That is an absolute law of the universe.  So give this some thought, look around and begin to see what you have not seen up till now.