The Art of Success – Article #15 – 3 Keys to Building Confidence

3 Keys to Building Confidence

Here’s the truth…

A lack of self-confidence keeps a person from expressing their heart’s desire.

To experience success, you must be confident in yourself.

How do you
build confidence?

Key #1: Know your supply. We have to know our true supply (i.e., our source). This requires deep understanding.

Everything comes from ONE source. You could call it God, Spirit, the Universe, or whatever name you prefer. Everything comes from one source, and it comes through people. Nothing is left out. That includes money.

Most people believe their supply is other people. They then lack lack confidence, because they think people can shut them off from what they desire.

They’ll tip-toe through life, afraid of someone telling them “no,” making fun of them, rejecting them, etc. This fear stops most people in their tracks.

Key #2: Think, speak, and act only wonderfully about yourself. Never refer to yourself in any derogatory way. Never see yourself, what you do, how you feel, or what you think as “bad” or negative. Don’t even view your circumstances as negative.

Your words have power. Speak and act wonderfully about yourself all the time. Don’t abuse yourself. Only describe yourself in ways that reflect what you WANT rather than what you don’t want.

Key #3: Surround yourself with people and influences that support your purpose and dreams, and respect how special you are.

Don’t hang out with people who don’t believe there’s something wonderful about themselves. Why is that?

Because if they don’t see greatness in themselves,
they can’t see greatness in you.

They can’t give something they don’t have. All they can do is manipulate you. Why? They are trying to get something from you.

Think deeply about this, and you’ll find that it’s very accurate.

Start making confidence your highest priority in your life. Treat it as something you value. This will help you build extraordinary confidence.

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