[Goal Setting Series]Article #1 ~ You Can Have It Now

Time is a perception that human beings create. The Universe doesn't recognize it.

Time doesn't really exist, but we are subject to it because of our belief in it.

For example, you age because a genetic program says the human body should do so, but if you removed that program, your body would not age.

The fact that we're not yet at that stage of awareness is irrelevant. People change their genetic nature all the time by changing their belief systems.

Just think of the examples you've heard of people with Stage 4 cancer, who “shouldn't” have survived, yet they did. A person's belief system, optimism and faith can turn terminal illnesses around.

If we can do it with cancer, we can do it for anything.

You Can Have It Now

The Universe is saying, “You can have it now.”

You can have what you want now because you have the desire for it now.

Like Holliwell said, “No desire is recognized within the human without the way for the physical manifestation to take place.” Time is not part of the manifesting equation.

But when you make a goal and give it a deadline, you automatically factor in time.

You say, “I can have it in six months or a year.”

Then what happens? You bring in the problems and the complications that make it take at least that long.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Three Steps for Factoring Out Time

If you want to achieve your dream according to the Universe's rules, rather than your own, embrace these three steps:

1. Accept that your dream is achievable.

Once you have your idea, it is possible to attain, because the idea now exists in the Universe. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation can bring it into form.

2. Let the Universe set the timeline.

You may not know how your goal is going to happen or how it can happen quickly, but that doesn't mean the Universe doesn't know.

Your job is to have the idea, follow the inspirations that arise from that idea, heed the suggestions I'll share over the next several weeks, and let the Universe arrange the details.

3. Be aware that you're instantly manifesting 24 hours a day.

You're manifesting every positive and negative thing you're experiencing.

What you experience in your outer world is a projection of who you are in your inner world.

While your goal may seem bigger and more difficult to achieve than the things and people in your daily life, it's not.

To the Universe, it's exactly the same.

And if you can let the Universe set the time frame, you really can achieve your goal sooner, with much less effort and fewer setbacks.

You can have what you want, and you can have it now.

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