Can You Push Away Negative Thoughts?

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Hi David. I heard you say many times that if you're working in a positive direction toward your desire, and then suddenly you turn negative, like, “Oh this will never happen!”, you push it away. By the same token, if you went into a negative slide and were afraid of manifesting a negative result, then stopped, turned it around to positive, would you push the negative result away?


Neagle Code Answer

Hi Brian!

The answer to your question is actually quite simple.

You manifest what you focus on.

Reminder: Manifest means to become aware of what already exists.

If you focus on the negative, you will then manifest negative. If you focus on positive, you will then manifest the positive.

You don’t actually push anything away, you just manifest where you focus.

Here is the key…

If you’re moving in a positive direction toward your desire, you must make sure you are conscious of your thoughts.

Don’t allow negative thoughts to enter, and if they do, don’t give them any energy.

Acknowledge them, and then tell them to get behind you…you are staying on your path regardless.

Immediately return your focus to your desire.

DO NOT try to rationalize with your negative thoughts, push them away or figure them out. By doing that you actually put your focus on the negative.

Keep your thoughts positive. For example, let’s say you’re in a cash flow crunch…

DO say to yourself: The money is here now; there is opportunity everywhere. And then take action when the opportunity presents itself.

DO NOT say to yourself: When is this cash flow issue going to end? What am I going to do if the money problem isn’t solved? In this scenario your focus is on the lack of money, not on the solution.

Focus only on what you desire and turn your back on those negative thoughts.

Just Believe,®
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