The Art of Success – Article #10 – What’s your potential?

What’s your potential?

Each person has a desire in their heart. That desire is a lot like a seed.

If you take any seed in nature and place it in your hand, what are you actually holding? You’re holding the potential for something else. That’s what a seed holds — the potential for something else… something more.

For example, if you hold the seed of an oak tree in your hand, it has the potential to become a massive oak tree.

Not only that — once it becomes a massive oak tree, that tree will produce seeds; each of which will also become oak trees…and soon you have an entire forest.

All of that could come from one tiny seed? Yes!

But if you simply looked at the appearance of the seed, you couldn’t see all of that right away. It would just look like a small seed, and nothing more.

Desire is the same way.

Like the seed, desire has the potential to become so much more in your life, if you allow it to grow.

If you nurture your desire, feed it, put in the right environment, and give it what it needs to be expressed, it will GROW…and it will create massive things in your life — things that aren’t immediately apparent to you right now.

That’s why following your desire is so powerful. It holds so much potential.

Just like an entire forest could be created from one tiny seed, there’s potential for amazing transformations to occur in your life if you allow yourself to follow even one small desire you have in your heart.

So follow your desires…no matter how small they are!

They will lead you in the direction of your purpose and have a lasting impact on others.

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[Goal Setting Series]Article #10 ~ Everything You Need to Manifest Your Goal

Over the past several months, I've shown you how to set goals that utilize the power of the Universe. In this final article of the series, I'm giving you all of the main steps again to get you started on changing your life.

Here are those 10 crucial steps:

1. Remove Time from the Equation

To move past the human barriers that prevent you from having what you truly desire, you must first remove any timeframes from your goal.

Timeframes on a goal are usually based on what people think is possible. You may not know how your goal could manifest quickly, but the Universe might.

Let the Universe set the timing ~ and then you may be amazed by how quickly your goal manifests.

2. Go Beyond What You Think You Can Do

Again, most people set goals based upon what they think they can accomplish ~ not on what they truly desire or what they're actually capable of doing.

To begin to tap your limitless potential, let yourself fantasize.

Fantasy literally changes your brain's frequency, making it more receptive to ideas, desire and purpose from your soul.

It's truly the best way to discover what you really want. And it's crucial for receiving that prosperous idea that can take you light years from where you are today.

3. Receive Your Million-Dollar Idea

If you already experience the power of fantasizing, go to the place or do the thing that works for you.

If you don't know what that is, find a place that's beautiful and calming. Get comfortable and let your eyes rest. Don't “try” to fantasize, just relax and let your mind be free.

As images or feelings start to arise, ask yourself what you want, and then write down whatever comes to mind.

If this process doesn't work for you, try “catching” yourself fantasizing ~ in the shower is a likely place ~ and record what you see, hear or feel.

4. Are You Able and Willing?

To turn your fantasy into reality, you have to be able to say yes to these two questions:

“Am I able?” You've gone beyond what you thought you could do. Now, you need to muster the faith to believe in your ability to manifest your million-dollar idea. Do you feel excited? That's your gut saying YES, you're able.

“Am I willing?” Are you willing to do what must be done to manifest your goal? For example, move if necessary, invest financially in yourself, commit to living a new life?

5. Create an Environment to Support Your Goal

Once you declare that you are able and willing, it's vital that your environment begins to reflect your aspiration back to you on a daily basis.

To accomplish that, make two lists. The first is of the things, people and ideas that are not in harmony with your goal and should be removed from your life. The second is of those things that must come into your life to support your goal.

Once you make the lists, start acting on them immediately.

6. Make a Binding Commitment

Now it's time to commit yourself to your goal. In the present tense, write out your goal and sign and date the page. For example: “I commit to having a $10 million-dollar-a-year business.”

Remember, don't include any timeframes.

Then, make a goal card to carry with you and read several times a day to remind you that, according to Universal Law, your goal is already here.

On another piece of paper or index card, write: “I'm so happy and grateful now that ___________,” and write in your goal.

7. Get Attached

To start moving your idea from the nonphysical to the physical, you need to become emotionally involved in it.

Emotions are like the engines behind our thoughts. They give energy to your goal, sending it through time and space, prompting the Universe to start bringing you what you need to manifest it.

8. Raise Your Awareness

When you raise your awareness to the level of your goal, what you want shows up. It's yours.

To raise your level of awareness, you first have to know your current awareness and results.

Your current awareness is the closest you've ever come to your goal. If you have a money goal, it would be the most money you, alone, have ever earned in a year.

Your current results would be what you are earning this year.

Once you know those two figures, you know where you are, and all you have to do is make a firm decision to go to the next level of awareness, and then expect the opportunity to do that to show up.

9. Change, Adapt, Grow

Picture yourself at the bottom of a staircase with your goal at the top. The Universe has heard that you are ready and will meet you on the first stair with your opportunity.

Step up and into it. Make the change, adapt to the change and grow into that bigger version of yourself.

Then the Universe will meet you on the second stair with another opportunity that requires you to change, adapt and grow still larger than before.

You follow this same process all the way to your goal.

10. Cut Through the Chaos

Now, your subconscious will resist all this change and growth, and you may experience some chaos as the universe rearranges your life so that you can reach your goal.

Just remember that the upheaval is temporary while your goal is the ultimate prize.

To cut through the chaos, stay connected to the higher side of yourself. Follow the Seven Secrets of Multimillionaire Entrepreneurs: desire, decision, belief and faith in a higher power, love, responsibility, will and action.

They will deliver you to your goal.

Get Started

There is no limit to what you can achieve or be.

If you do each of these steps with unwavering commitment, you truly can have anything you desire.

You can create absolutely magnificent and astonishing things.

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