What Creates a Blind Spot?

What Creates a Blind Spot?

What creates a blind spot in our thinking? What causes us to only see lack, limitation, and problems everywhere we look?

The answer is our belief system.

Take a look at your life — specifically your results, circumstances, environment, and money.

Those things are being created by the belief system you have about each of those things.

Our belief system is causing all of this to appear in our life — whether it shows up as “abundance” or “lack.”

First, we see our situation with our eyes. We see our results, circumstances, environment, and our financial situation.

This “information” is then fed back into our conscious mind (i.e., our thinking mind)…which then reinforces the feelings we have about those things.

Usually those feelings don’t make us feel very good… because if we have a blind spot, then there’s a “problem” we can’t seem to change.

The blind spot causes you to focus on problems in your life, rather than solutions.

Back when I was working on the dock, I was frustrated and angry. I didn’t know how to change my circumstances, because my eyes kept telling me the story of what my experience was.

My experience confirmed to me over and over again that my world was filled with “lack.”

I had no time, no money, no opportunities, no friends…

How many times has your life — your eyes —
the story of “lack” in your life?

How many times has your life — your eyes — confirmed the story of “lack” in your life?

Think about what you don’t have right now.

You might not have enough:
– money
– opportunity
– time
– resources

Ask yourself, “How do I feel about that? What does that feeling cause me to think?”

Often, it causes people to lose hope…because they can’t see beyond whatever their experience is telling them they’re seeing.

This happens because they don’t understand the Law of Polarity.

This law dictates that if we’re experiencing anything in lack, the polar opposite of that is abundance.

If you don’t have something, that’s a clear indication that you DO have it. You’re just not seeing it…because your belief system isn’t allowing you to see it.

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