The Art of Success – Article #16 – What Are You Sacrificing?

What Are You Sacrificing?

One of the Laws of the Universe is the Law of Sacrifice.

It states: if you want something of a higher nature — i.e., something that will to take you further in life — then you have to give up something of a lower nature.

That’s the definition of sacrifice. Giving up something to gain something else.

The truth is, you’re always sacrificing SOMETHING.
So, what are you sacrificing?

Here are some examples of “lower nature” things:

• Settling for far less money than you’d like to make
• Tolerating a job you hate
• Allowing people to mistreat you
• Not asking for what you want
• A cluttered desk or home environment
• A broken lightbulb
• Anything that causes you to continually feel guilt, shame, or some other destructive emotion

By allowing these things to stay in your life, you are automatically sacrificing things of a higher nature, such as:

• The dream income you’d like to earn
• A job (or work or business) you love!
• Relationships where people treat you with respect
• Asking for what you want and receiving it
• A beautiful, clean, tidy desk or home environment that inspires you
• A light bulb that shines bright!
• Things and experiences that cause you to feel joy, satisfaction, and peace

The Law of Sacrifice
can work to your advantage,
if you use it the right way.

You can’t have something of a higher nature and lower nature at the same time. It’s one or the other.

If you give up something of a lower nature, then you make room for something better to show up.

The flip side is also true. If you give up something of a higher nature, then you make space to keep the “lower nature” things present in your life.

You can’t have both.

It’s your choice whether you want to fill your life with things of a lower nature, or things of a higher nature.

Make a conscious choice about what you’re going to sacrifice.

What are you willing to give up or change?

On the other side of this change lies something far greater than what you are experiencing right now.

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What fear is squatting on prime real estate in your brain?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Val Charman.  You can find her on the web at


Dear David,

Please can you tell me how you get past the fear of success? I know that I'm not afraid of failure as I have done that many times but just as I get close to a breakthrough, or am in danger of achieving my goal, something bad happens and I have to start all over again. I am convinced that I am sabotaging my own success out of some inbuilt fear and I don't know how to overcome it.

Many thanks for your help.


Hi Val and thanks for your question!

The truth is that no one is actually afraid of success.

That's a false lie created by our ego.

If you were afraid of success, you'd never put your pants on the in the morning, because even putting your pants on is a success.

In reality what people ARE afraid of is:

1)   The fear of what they believe they will have to sacrifice to be successful. This is mainly true in regard to relationships.

2)   The fear of what people will think if they were successful.

3)   The fear of what people will think if they fail.

These are the top 3, but of course there are many other fears that keep us bound in chains and constantly striving for success yet never achieving it.

So you are correct, you are sabotaging your success.

Universal truth states that we create everything; all the good and bad, all the successes and all the failures.

So you need to get very clear on how never achieving the success you want keeps you safe.

I know you're thinking, “No David, not having the success keeps me feeling unsafe, why would I not want success?”

And I would answer that you have to consider what fear is renting space in your brain, because if you wanted that success as much as you wanted air to breath, you would have it.

“Just Believe”,®

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