Feeling ripped off?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Rebecca B.

Neagle Code Question

Up until about a couple of weeks ago, I was working with a coach. The reason I stopped working with her is that I wasn't bringing in enough from my business to make my monthly payments. So after becoming 30 days past due, we terminated the contract.

Neagle Code Answer

Hi Rebecca,

As long as you stay in anger and blame, you will continue to repeat this pattern…and it will continue to be repeated until you learn the lesson it has to teach you.

Let me explain.

You are the creator of everything you experience in life.

All the good AND
all the bad.

It's easy to see all the gifts and lessons in the good things…and not quite as easy to see the gifts and lessons in all the “not so good” things.

If you can move through the anger and blame, and take responsibility for this, you'll begin to start seeing the lesson.

And the lesson in your situation is simple, as the Laws always are.

Whenever money stops flowing into your life, it's because you are in resistance.

Remember the Universe is completely deductive in nature. This means that if you are in resistance, the Universe can't bring you what you desire…it will reflect that resistance to you.

When you are in surrender and flow, the Universe will in turn respond and what you desire will flow easily to you.

So ask yourself this: During my coaching, what was I resisting?

Were you resisting:

  • being seen?
  • raising your prices?
  • making sales calls?
  • asking for a sale?
  • spending money on marketing?
  • going to places where your clients could be found?

I assure you, if you get really honest with yourself you'll see how you caused the results you experienced.

And the gift in that is that you can now CONSCIOUSLY create a new
(and better) experience.

Resistance is a HUGE barrier…actually one of THE barriers…to success. And it's why I'm going to be teaching a FREE class on this exact topic on February 20th. I'll be going into great detail to help everyone on the call see how they can flip from resistance and struggle to ease and grace.

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