“How do I stop trading time for money as a coach?”

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Hi David!

I hear you teaching about the pitfalls of exchanging time for money. I'm a coach… how on Earth do I NOT exchange time for money, when I'M the person who is fulfilling my programs?

I'm clearly confused. Can you please clarify?


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Hi and thanks for the question!

What you want to get away from is trading dollars per hour in your business.

Instead of having an hourly rate, you have a package price. Determine how much your product or service is worth based on the result they are receiving, not how much time you are spending with them.

You can charge whatever you want as long as the outcome for the client is worth more to them in value than you receive in cash.

Working with a group of people rather than individuals is also a great way to leverage your time. You serve more people and earn more money spending the same amount of time as you would with one person.

And remember time spent one-on-one with you is always worth much, much more!

You’re the expert in your business.

Be creative, have fun and charge what you’re worth.

Just Believe,®
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