Paying Off Debt vs. Charity: What Comes First?

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Hi David,

Could you please speak about tithing? My church encourages us to tithe 10% of our unexpected income but I feel like I should put that money towards paying off my debts before I donate it to someone else.

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Great question!

I think the real question here isn’t actually about the amount to tithe; it’s a question of mindset.

You see, the lower and middle class mindset is steeped in the word “OR”.

They ask, “Should I do this OR should I do that?”

They see limitation and lack.

The wealthy think in terms of “AND”.

They ask, “What would need to happen for me to do this AND that?” OR “What would I need to do differently so that I could have this AND that?”

They see possibility and abundance.

I want to encourage you to think like the wealthy.

What are you resisting doing or being that would allow you to pay off your debts AND tithe?

That’s the question you must ask if you wish for your financial situation to change.

Just Believe,®
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