Trick Your Doubt and Enlarge Your Spirit

For a while, I’ve been challenging you to make a quantum leap in your business. Now, many of you have leapt, and you're experiencing the success you’ve always longed for.

But others are trapped in a mindset imprisoned by doubt and skepticism. The idea of jumping from your present level of achievement to one that is several stages higher in one bold stroke is hard to imagine.

It’s understandable if you’re having trouble; you haven’t been trained to think in those terms. An exponential leap, particularly one that takes less effort and happens much faster, is an alien idea.

And, yet, it is possible.

Think about this: experts generally agree that people typically use only about 10% of their true potential. If we accept that argument, and even if there were no other resources outside of yourself, you still could do 10 times better than you’ve been doing.

So how do you break out of your self-imposed jail?

You surrender.

You give up some of your old beliefs and sacrifice some of those thinking patterns you've considered “sensible.”

Practice Uncommon Sense
As Price Pritchett states in You2, you practice uncommon sense. Common sense puts a ceiling upon how high you can reach. It keeps you thinking small. Uncommon sense allows you to become extraordinary.

The first step to uncommon sense is to suspend disbelief.

You don’t have to be convinced, yet, that you can make a quantum leap, but don’t keep believing those old ideas about your personal limit.

Hold off for a while on believing anything. Just act as though you have complete faith. Do what you would do if you just knew you were going to succeed.

Don’t give doubt any mental space, because doubt and worry will shackle your mind if you let them. After that, fear sets in and you'll be stopped dead in your tracks.

If you must be skeptical, challenge the thoughts and beliefs that argue against your quantum leap. Put those old, inhibiting ideas to the test by going for what you want with every ounce of focus and determination that you have.

Trick Your Doubt
If you still find that doubt is gripping you, try this little mental trick: instead of holding back because you don’t have proof that you can make a quantum leap, look for evidence proving that you can’t succeed. This is a little mind bending, but stay with me because the maneuver causes you to start doubting your doubts.

So, tell yourself, okay, I’m going to leap and prove that I can’t achieve my dream. And then leap. In that moment, you just knocked the legs out from under doubt. The effect is similar to the release you feel when you go toward what you fear. Now, free of doubt’s inhibition, just act as though your success is guaranteed.

What Happens after Doubt’s Demise?
After you leap, what happens next? Legendary field commander General Patton put it best in a journal entry to his wife during World War II. He wrote, “I believe that one’s spirit enlarges with responsibility…. When this job is done, I presume I will be pointed to the next step in the ladder of destiny. If I do my full duty, the rest will take care of itself.”

You envision a big future for yourself. Perhaps that vision includes a big task like Patton had. You may want to establish a school or a foundation or a new business, and you may be afraid that you can’t handle it. But what Patton said is true. You don’t have to worry about whether you can handle it because, with every new responsibility that is placed upon you, your spirit will grow to match it. Your capacity will enlarge. Your abilities improve.

That is what following your divine purpose is all about. It’s about stepping out and allowing yourself to grow within the sphere of what you’re doing.

It’s about becoming the person you are meant to be, one giant leap at a time.