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Hello David!

Hello David! I am a great coach. People tell me all the time that I can really help them dig into what's keeping them from living the life they want. My problem lies in wanting to really grow my business. I have a small practice currently, and am having trouble finding new clients. Other coaches keep telling me that to grow my business, I have to have a specific niche. Is that true?

Thanks for your insight!

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Great question Calvin.

No matter how incredible your services are, you are just not going to be everyone's cup of tea. And if you’re unclear about who your client is, you will end up being all things to all people which isn’t a good strategy for attracting your ideal client.

The clearer you are on what you are looking for the easier it is to actually get it.

The first thing to determine is your target market. What do I mean by determining your target market? If you can identify the problem that you specifically resolve for clients, you will see that your service is really designed for one specific person you can help the most.

If you can define what that person looks like, it becomes increasingly easier to find that individual. Where you find that individual, you will find others that want exactly what you are offering.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my unique selling proposition? Why should a person listen to me? What problem do I specifically solve?
  • Who is my client? Really focus on that demographic by getting clear on who you can help.

When you discover who this person is, the next piece is where are they?

You don’t have to cast a big net if you know exactly where that one fish is that you are looking for.

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