Desire reveals your ability…

Recently, I saw Larry King interview Donald Trump.  On the show, Donald shared how he makes it a point to speak at the Learning Annex whenever he can.  In speaking with the promoter of the Annex event, he said he realized all of the people in attendance were really pumped up about becoming successful in their lives and that he (Trump) didn't believe that many of them could be successful.  Larry King asked him if people were capable of learning how to be successful and Donald's reply was a little shocking.  He said that while you can teach some people how to get better at whatever they are working to achieve, most success was genetic. In other words, if you weren't born with successful genes then you would never really achieve success.

Now I have great respect for Trump, but he is missing an immense piece of our
human potential.  All people are born with the ability to win – they actually have
to learn how to lose!  Failure is a learned behavior and can change in ANYONE
who wants to change it.

Even the lack of wealth in a person's life is a learned behavior, and so
much of it is backed with negative beliefs.  People keep seeing their world the same way, seeing their business the same way and seeing their income the same way.  Maybe Trump was never around someone who worked hard at changing those beliefs and later achieved massive success.  Or maybe he has and he believes it's still in their “success genes.”

I do know this though – I have worked with people from all over the
world and with some guidance, coaching, and willingness to look deep into what
is controlling their thoughts and behavior they can change their income and
their success.

So here's your Income Acceleration Tip:

Don't let an ignorant belief or another person control what you do or what you earn.  Come to the realization that if you have the desire, you have the ability – you just need to bring it to the surface and do something with it.

The first step in earning large incomes is to simply believe that it's possible for you.  Once you start to entertain that idea it will lead to the next one and the next one.  Believe it or not – it is the ONLY road to success there is, and while people may have been born at different
places on that road we are all still on it.  Yes even you!