3 Steps to Spending More of Your Time Making Money in 2014

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Hi David!

How do you find the time to do everything that needs to be done to actually make more money?

Thanks so much!

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Hi and thanks for the fantastic question!

I learned a long time ago that we can’t manage time…we must manage activities.

You see, work will always fill the time you allot for it. This is why one of the first things I teach my VIP Clients is the fine art of calendaring.

Let me explain… as entrepreneurs, there are so many things that can bombard us on a daily basis. Whether it’s making sales calls, handling client satisfaction, fulfilling orders or programs, marketing planning or dealing with our personal lives, there is ALWAYS something to fill our time.

One of the key strategies to ensuring money-making activities get done is to schedule those activities every day, and STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULE.

Start with calendaring the “non-negotiable” items first. These items can be up-coming travel, presentations, and other activities that are firm.

Next schedule all your money-making activities. These should include sales calls, strategy and launches.

From there schedule everything else.

In doing this you may even come to see that you actually have more time than you need or you may see opportunities to hire people to help you with the things you do not specifically need to be doing.

Once you have your schedule in place, you must discipline yourself to stick to it!

Sometimes this is the most difficult step, and if you find yourself straying from your calendar, take a moment to re-align yourself and course correct.

Just Believe,®
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Is Your Work Worthy of You?

What is the real trade you make for the work you do?  It's pretty obvious we are trading our time and our talents in exchange for money when we are employed by a company.

But do we ever consider the real trade being made? You might be be saying to yourself, “What else am I trading?” Do you realize every second of every day you spend working is time gone forever? You never get that time back – you have traded the only life you have for it.

Now I realize most of the world has bought in to the idea we need to work and I agree.  It is necessary for people to earn money to maintain the standard of living of their choice.  But do you realize how many people are working just for the money?  In many cases, they don't like what they do and they don't particularly like the people they work with either.

Ask yourself this important question: “If it was not for the money, would I continue to do what I am doing? If your answer is “YES!” then you probably love your work.  But if your answer is “NO” then  you should start to give some serious consideration to what you would love to do.

I believe that our personal work should always bring us great satisfaction.  If you love your work you give the best of yourself and it shows.  You can create a worth while product or service that will truly benefit humanity.  Have you ever noticed how all of the talents human beings possess benefit others?

If you love your work every day becomes an absolute joy.  It's true – you will still have some problems and challenges.  Those are good because those challenges cause us to grow.  Without challenges everything would pretty much stay the same and the world would be a very boring place to live.

Take some time to explore the idea of what you would love to do.  Don't spend one second thinking of why you can't do it – just let yourself begin to dream again.  I believe every person has something special deep inside that they would love to do with their life, and they were either never taught to explore that side of their soul or somebody squashed it in the past.  Maybe the fear of failure has stopped you from pursuing your dream? Maybe the fear of what others would think about your dream has stopped you?  Realize this – you are an incredible person and the very fact that you can dream of doing something is verification you can do it.

You would not be able to conceive of an idea if it were not possible – this is the great secret of success!

You might think to yourself, “How can you say that?  You don't even know me?” You're right – I don't know you, but I know what created you, and you were given UNLIMITED potential.  Because you have such awesome potential, wouldn't it seem a bit more logical the world you choose should be worthy of you?  I think it should.

Many people have had past experiences that have created emotional blocks, which makes it difficult for a person to dream or succeed.  These blocks can be removed so you can achieve greater and greater success.  Your life can (and should be) the wonderful masterpiece it was created to be, however you must believe it can be that way.

Make sure everything you do is worthy of YOU!!

Create your status. Fill it with achievement.

Entrepreneurs create their lives differently than the majority of people.

The majority, or the masses, have been taught a different set of beliefs and values based on hard work and incremental achievement.

They also believe that atonement is somehow given to them by other people.

“If I get good grades, then I'll get praised.”
“If I do a good job at work, then I'll get a raise.”

Success minded individuals know their achievement, promotion and income is created by themselves, and it begins with their thinking. Next they fill their lives with all the things that support a “success mindset.”

They surround themselves with like-minded people.

They invest in their skill development and take responsibility for their own personal growth.

They also understand that getting uncomfortable is a PREREQUISITE to all of this and they even learn to become comfortable living out on this edge of life. My mentor used to say, “If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room.” I happen to agree.

The edge is the creative place to be and keeps a person growing and headed in the right direction.

People who play it safe and think they are going to maintain the status quo are living in ignorance of a very basic law of the universe. The Law says, You are either growing or dying, but nothing remains the same. Everything is in a state growth or death.

Now, ask yourself this question: Are you constantly preparing for your own success? Successful individuals realize that preparing is nothing more than a stalling tactic created by fear. It's unfortunate some people can't seem to get out of the “preparing for success” mindset. You see, once you make a decision to create your own success you move on that decision, everything you require for the manifestation of your dream begins to move to you.

A.L.Hunt put it this way:

1. Decide what you want

2. Decide what you will give up to get it

3. Get on with the work.

Does that seem scary? It should if your goal and your dreams are big enough.

One of my favorite authors (Price Pritchett) explained it like this:

“Quantum leaps jerk you out of your comfort zone. Prepare yourself for a pretty wild ride. You're going to cover unfamiliar terrain and encounter obstacles you've never faced before. It can feel like the safety chain linking you with behavior patterns that worked in the past is being stretched to the limit.

At times you may wonder if the situation is about to spin out of control. The normal reaction is to want to hold on tightly. But you're going to have to learn to let go.

A quantum leap is achieved through release.

So turn loose if you want to jump.

Don't be surprised if you grow uneasy…that's a predictable part of the process. When you take a the quantum leap you ride the situation, but you don't really control it all that much. In fact, the only way you control it is by:

1. Knowing where you are going.

2. Continuing the pursuit

3. Learning from your mistakes.

A quantum leap is an act of faith, exhilarating and possibly scary at the same time. You have to give up a large degree of security and safety; plow through greater amounts of ambiguity and confusion and uncertainty, wrestle with a totally new set of problems, invite failure, and possibly contend with criticism from other people who have been part of your support group in the past.

Make you uncomfortable?

That's a good sign.

If you're experiencing no anxiety or discomfort, the risk you're taking probably isn't worthy of you.

The only risks that aren't a little scary are the ones you've outgrown.

A high comfort level provides solid evidence that you're “playing it safe,” not growing, not really testing your limits at all, and not in the process of a quantum leap.

You might be making gradual progress…that's possible but you're not going for a breakthrough.

Doing this carries you beyond your commonplace, everyday habits and calls for a little more nerve.

So just go into this expecting a touch of anxiety. Uneasiness is a predictable psychological reaction when a quantum leap is underway.

It has been said that if you will do the thing you fear, death of fear is certain.

Courage is not the absence of fear and anxiety, it's proceeding in spite of those feelings.

So press on.”