Can real success happen in just 5 hours a week?

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Hi David!

I am running my biz from home with 2 small children. I am struggling to get on the computer every night after they are both asleep, and manage to carve out 5 hours a week for myself. My question is- if you only had 5 hours a week to focus on your biz, what would you do?

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Hi Miranda!

The truth is, I think you’re asking the wrong question…

I don’t know of any successful business owners who have obtained their success by working 5 hours per week on their business.

You’re certainly not setting yourself up for success that way.

I suggest you first get clear on your goal.

Do you want a small side business or do you want a thriving business?

If you want to run a successful and thriving business, you may want to hire help to come in and care for your children so that you can focus on that goal.

Bringing in childcare even for a few hours per day would make a massive difference in your business.

It sounds to me that in order to truly build your business, you need to build in support for yourself so that you can be the captain of the ship rather than a passenger.

Can you give yourself permission to do that?

Just Believe,®
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