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Thank you in advance for helping me to create exponential impact with this teaching across the globe, and for believing with me that entrepreneurs are an unstoppable force of change in the transformation of this economy and for the healing of our planet.

What’s an Affiliate Program?
Countless companies doing business online offer affiliate programs, with the goal being twofold: to reward the affiliate (aka: the seller) with a sales commission, and to reach additional buyers or clients who we (as a company) wouldn’t have met otherwise.

How much can an Affiliate earn?
Honestly, your earning potential is limitless. We happily offer affiliate commissions on ALL our hard products and virtual programs, paying 50% commission! Please note: Our live events and coaching programs are non-commissionable.

What programs can an Affiliate tell their friends about to earn commissions?
We have several products and events that we would greatly appreciate your help in promoting. Please note, we pay 50% commission on all of the following:

  • Manifest Your Millions Course: Compassionate Conversion Flow Chart
  • Manifest Your Millions Course: The Mental Money Game
  • Success Mindset Course: 7 Mindset & Manifesting Secrets of Multimillionaire Entrepreneurs
  • Wealth Consciousness Course: The original Miracle of Money

And via a scheduled launch, we also pay 50% commission on our much-loved…

  • Art of Success II

Who can become an Affiliate for David?
Anyone can, as long as you agree never to:

a) Promote these products via unethical marketing practices, such as unsolicited email campaigns or spam.
b) Promote these products alongside or in conjunction with offensive content or unethical material.

Note **: You will not earn affiliate commission by purchasing programs for yourself under your own affiliate link.

How will you receive payment?
My office will automatically mail you a check for commissions earned.

To account for guarantee periods and my extended refund policies, your check will be mailed roughly 60-days following the date of purchase.

(Remember: only purchases tracked to your unique affiliate link will earn commissions.)

Again, I am so grateful for your efforts in helping me to bring this teaching to the ears and hearts of those who want to up-level their lives and step-into their greatest potential. It will be my great pleasure to send you these commission payments regularly, and I’ll do so with great appreciation for you!

If you have any questions, please never hesitate to reach out to my support Team at 888-720-7117, or by email to support[at]

***We cannot guarantee that products launched futuristically will forever be commissionable at 50%. That said, taking great care of our affiliates is not only a top priority, but also a joyful experience for our organization, and we will always make every effort to do what is right.

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