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Mental Money Game

Whatever it is that you want, you can achieve when you understand that everything is created by WHO YOU ARE BEING, and nothing else. The Truth is: making more money is an INSIDE JOB.

Mindset for Maximum Prosperity

Very few people understand Universal Laws and how to apply them. My 6-part course, A Mindset for Maximum Prosperity, reveals how massive results manifest…

  • even from upside-down situations,
  • even if you’ve made big mistakes, and are scrambling to course correct,
  • even if you feel chained to certain a circumstance (or person) that constrains you.

The Millions Within

In his first book,The Millions Within, David Neagle documents his journey from dockworker to multimillionaire and entrepreneur mentor, and how one simple shift in awareness tripled his annual income and then transformed his previous annual income into his monthly income!

The Millions Within, already a Best Seller, serves as a guide to the Laws of the Universe. David candidly shows you exactly how you can employ conscious, intentional use of these Laws to produce the financial and personal results that you dream of…NOW.

The Art of Success

The Art of Success is truly a tool of self-empowerment like none other. It teaches youexactly HOW to rise above your circumstances and live a stronger, moreliberated, more fulfilling life.

This is a serious program for any entrepreneur or visionary who understands thattheir physical day-to-day “Results” are directly related to “WHO THEY’RE BEING”, and is finally ready to transform their reality into one of personal freedom, pure service to others & purposefully astounding profits.