Why David?

Uniquely blending the talents that caused him to go from a minimum-wage earning forklift driver to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and success coach, David Neagle captivates audiences with a fusion of real world experience and research in a way that inspires, uplifts and informs audiences of all sizes.

His speaking style is natural, conversational, content-rich and straight-forward. David will leave you with both the knowledge and the beliefs you need to create change for yourself or others.

Speaking Topics

The Art of Success

Through personal stories and Universal principles, David will help you begin to understand how your own subconscious beliefs impact your results. He’ll lead you to see how you can change what’s going on in your mind that’s preventing you from bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

The 4 Pillars of Influence

Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO or employee, the single most important skill of any leader is the ability to influence. David masterfully guides you through four principles that will allow you to use your own power of influence to engage and inspire others and lead with excellence.

Going From Good to Great

What does it mean to really be GREAT? Everyone is put here with a purpose, and part of that purpose is to express greatness in his or her own unique way. However, most of us weren’t raised with the awareness of what makes us great and these qualities were never nurtured or cultivated. Good was good enough. But for leaders, good just doesn’t cut it. David will guide you to your unique greatness and start to shift how you see yourself so that you’re not stuck settling for good – you’re living your greatness and bringing it out in others!

Cultivating a Mindset for Maximum Prosperity

Very few leaders really understand the difference between how the most successful individuals think (in any industry you can imagine), and the way others (high achievers even)—with moderate success-think. The difference is that very few people understand Universal Laws and how to apply them. Drawing from his own experience and years of study, David will share how to pave the way to soaring profits and limitless potential.

Ready for some inspiration?

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