Success is simple

we complicate it to prove how intelligent we are because we value attention over success.

– David Neagle

Grew business over 50%

“In working with David I’ve had several breakthroughs. First, after spending years not being clear on what I wanted, I have become much clearer and have worked diligently toward that desire. Second, while working with David, we uncovered a huge opportunity for me to grow my business over 50%, without me working longer or harder. I’m truly grateful for the insight and direction David has provided.”

No more blindspot

“David entered my life in 2013 where I found that he has an amazing knack of cutting through to the heart of the matter. With his support, I was able to uncover the blindspot that had blocked my business growth for the previous 10 months. After three months I have gained enormous clarity of what my purpose is, and how to live it every day. Every interaction with David propels me forward … from hiding to greatness … whether my ego wants it or not.”

New Opportunities

“David has helped me tremendously in my personal and professional life. He draws out the clarity of who you really are. He is a master of getting you to realize and understand your potential at a core level. Since beginning with David, I have added 2 new team members, and increased my fees by 20% for the first time in 6 years. Understanding yourself from the inside out brings an unbelievable level of confidence – and people take notice.”

$148,000 in 6 weeks

“The most radical transformation that I experienced in my business was the mental shift of overcoming the fear and uncertainty of how to have sales conversations with potential clients. I’ve gone from having consistent 5-figure months to having consistent 5-figure days. In six weeks, I brought in over $148,000. For me, the best part about this isn’t the dollar figure. It’s the freedom from fear of the sales conversation and the confidence of knowing that no matter what the market trends are or what happens in the economy, I’ll be able to bring in revenue to my business.

Major confidence shift

“In the time I’ve been working with David I’ve gone from sporadic sales to sales everyday and confident sales conversations. Major mindset shift: I’m not only confident, I’m excited about my sales conversations, I’m excited to ask for the sale and I’m excited about my life. I’m finally seeing the opportunities and making the connections that have been here all along. I have a deeper understanding of The Laws and how to work with them. I can’t wait to see what continues to unfold.”

Priceless new clarity

“What I got from working with David was priceless because my new clarity and confidence inspired my partner to join the business. What a blessing to make great money doing what I love AND being able to share it fully and completely with the love of my life. I know the wisdom that David has given me will last a lifetime.

Annual into weekly income

“Studying with David has impacted every area of my life. He has helped me create ALL of what I really want and see exactly what I am capable of, including: successfully turning my annual income into my WEEKLY income! I now have more confidence and BELIEVE in myself!”

$120k this month alone

I’ve just closed my highest deal ever, a $50K/yr contract. I’ve raised my prices over 30% across the board, reduced my time invested in my programs in half and been able to sell contracts just the same as before. I’ve closed over $120K in annual contracts this month alone. Without the help from David I know none of this would have been possible. I am very grateful for what David does and the clarity he is able to bring to the very confusing space of personal development.”

A $600,000 Business

“David taught me three core things: How to make decisions; How to sell; How to charge what I’m worth. These three things have been the foundation for amazing business growth. I was making $1200 per month in my business when I met David. I went quickly to $8K per month—within a few months in a group program! What I learned and transformed with David (I’ve since done several programs with him) has led me to a $600,000 business that has unlimited potential for growth and, most importantly, I love my life, helping clients to make money from their personal truth!”

$750k per year

“My income was pretty much stuck at the same level for over a year before I hired David – I just couldn’t seem to get past making an average $25K a month. I doubled my average monthly income the very first month after starting to work with David…and it just kept going up from there. I ended up tripling my annual revenue, going from $250K in 2011 to $750K in 2012…all in just nine months of coaching with David. Right now, my average monthly income is double what a “good” month used to be.”

Quantum shifts

“In the very first year we coached with David, we tripled our business revenue to $622,000. In 2015 our company was recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the country with verified revenues of just over $3MM. We were recognized again in 2016 with revenues of $4.8MM, and we expect to make the list again this year (2017) with sustained growth of more than 300% over the previous 3 years.

Ongoing coaching with David undoubtedly helped us build our personal net worth from less than zero to more than one million dollars, and on top of that has allowed us to make a huge impact in the lives of others.”

$500,000 in the first year of business

“As a result of my work with David, I’ve been able to completely overcome my fear of what people think of me. And here’s the translation to my money results: In the last 12 Months – year one of my business – I have grossed over $500,000! (A year ago I was a school teacher!)”