How Do I Visualize My Money Goal?

This week's question from “Ask Us Anything” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

My goal is to hit a certain revenue number—42,000 dollars a month—consistently, and I’ve never done much visualization in the past. I think more in words, not pictures. So, I’m having difficulty seeing myself in the future, making this money. I really want to know the path of how to get there. Can you recommend a way to get past the feeling of needing to know all the steps of how, so I can actually see how I’ll hit that revenue number? I’m having trouble visualizing myself receiving that amount of money.

I’ve received it in the past, but I had a big client, so it seemed like a fluke. Even at the time, I didn’t think it would last. Now I’m back to receiving less than that.

First of all, money is a tool. It’s not a location or a destination.

Money doesn’t mean anything unless we have a very specific, real, tangible reason for it.

So, the first step is to figure out:

What do you need that money for? Have you actually done the homework to determine how much you’re going to need for that thing?

If you’re having trouble seeing yourself receiving this month…you might not be a visual thinker.

If you think in words (rather than pictures), then don’t worry about visualizing.

For you, it’s more about the repetition of an affirmation. That’s all you need.

You don’t actually need to be able to “see” the visual of what you’re doing.

Because you think in words, your brain works a bit differently, and that’s perfectly fine.

The idea is… you know your number. You know the amount of revenue you want to reach.

You ONLY need know what you have to do right now. The rest won’t be revealed to you until after you do what’s in right front of you, right now.

If you sit and wait for the whole thing to manifest—or if you wait to know all the steps first—you’ll never get there.

Just take action on the first step in front of you.

The rest will reveal itself.

For affirmations, write down this sentence, and say it to yourself over and over again, every day:

“I’m so happy and grateful now that I consistently earn $42,000 a month easily and effortlessly.”

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