Is wanting what I want a bad thing?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. 


Hi David,

Some “experts” talk about desire negatively. They say that a person must let go of the desire because the desire controls them as long as they are attached to it. I think there is a middle ground; having a desire without being attached to it. Could you expand on this? What is the best way to keep the proper perspective? I like the idea of focus vs. goals because it feels like the attachment is reduced.


Hello and thanks for this question!

I'm not sure what experts you're referring to in your question, but if we look to truth, we can find the answer to your question.

Desire is necessary.

It drives our purpose.

It pulls us to become who we are.

It helps us see when and where we need to make changes in our life.

And most importantly desire is a KEY ingredient in how we create the world around us.

Desire is not evil, but it can be dysfunctional.

The true test for all of us to keep ourselves in check and make sure that our desire is coming from a place of abundance and more life to all is to use the 4 Questions.

I teach the 4 Questions in ALL of my seminars and workshops and to all my clients.

They are a series of questions that help us determine if we desire something or if we are making a dysfunctional decision.

The questions apply to every decision you make and every desire you have.

Question 1: Is this something you want to be, do or have? (You should get a yes to this question)

Question 2: Is being, doing or having this going to take you closer to your goal? (You should get a yes to this question?)

Question 3: Is being, doing or having this in alignment with Universal Law (more life to all)? (You should get a yes to this question)

Question 4: Does being, doing or having this take away the rights of others or does it take away someone's right to choose? (You should get a no to this question)

Use these questions daily to help you stay focused and on a clear path to your goals.

Remember: Desire is the unexpressed possibility within you, seeking expression outside of you.

To deny desire would be to deny your true self.

“Just Believe”,®

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