The Art of Success – Article #18 – Are You Suppressing?

Are You Suppressing?

Healthy self-expression is a “must-have” if you want a truly successful, satisfying life.

What does it mean to express yourself?

It means to give voice to your thoughts or feelings. You either say what you’re thinking or feeling, or you act it out physically in some way (or both).

You acknowledge what’s inside of you, and let it out.

As human beings, we were meant to have full self-expression.

However, as kids most us of were taught it’s not OK to express ourselves. In fact, we were sometimes punished for expressing ourselves.

Be honest…how many of you were not allowed to be angry?

And so as adults, we continue to suppress what we’re feeling and thinking.

Here’s the thing:

Whatever you don’t express, you suppress…and that will make you sick.

If you think or feel something but don’t express it, you begin to suppress it. You bury it inside of you.

This has a negative effect.

Everything you suppress will eventually find an unhealthy way to express itself with and through you. This is called “disease,” which is a body that’s not at ease.

Health is the natural state for you to be in, both physically and emotionally.

We must learn how to express what we’re experiencing in a healthy way…including the negative things.

It’s not “wrong” for you to experience something negative or to feel anger frustration or hurt. It’s merely a part of experiencing life.

If you’re feeling something negative, it’s the catalyst you need to have in your life that will take you to the next level — but only if you understand it and express it the right way.

One way to practice healthy expression is to start by writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal while allowing yourself to experience whatever emotions come up for you.

Write it all out on paper.

What needs to come out will come out.

Expressing yourself in a healthy way will create a deep sense of personal freedom unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

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