The Art of Success – Article #6 – Infinite Potential…REALLY?

Infinite Potential…REALLY?

Regardless of what your spiritual or religious upbringing was, or what your current beliefs are about the Universe, there’s one Universal Truth that applies to all human beings:

We are spiritual beings living in a physical body.

This is important to understand, because any time we’re working with spirit — i.e., working with Universal Energy — we’re dealing with infinite potential.

Spirit is infinite. The Universe is infinite. (Just look up at the night sky, or at the abundance of nature, and this becomes obvious.)

And because you were made in the image of Spirit, this means you’re also infinite. More specifically, you have infinite potential.

Really think about this.

Do you believe you
have infinite potential?

Most people were never taught this truth. Instead, they were bombarded with talk of limitations and reasons why they “can’t” succeed or do something. In fact, most of society has been hypnotized into believing they’re powerless.

This belief hinders what you can experience in life. It’s like placing yourself in an invisible “jail cell” that you carry around with you.

The truth is that all human beings have infinite potential, regardless of where they came from, or what they were taught as kids.

Just by virtue of being a spiritual being, you have infinite potential. You can create so much, it would blow your mind.

But very few of us actually tap into our potential, and put it to practical use in our lives.

If all of us became fully aware of this magnificent truth…we’d see that what we can do is absolutely astounding. My job, of course, is to get that message across to you, so that you can apply it in your life.

What stops you from believing you have infinite potential?

What stories or “lies
were you told that had
you believe in limitations?

Are you ready to step into the truth of who you REALLY are? — an infinite, powerful human being who can create magnificent things in your own life?

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