3 Steps to Increase Your Flow of Money

Whether you learn from such legendary marketing and business experts such as Dan Kennedy or the more modern solo-preneurs, all of them agree with the idea that your business, income and wealth all begin with a certain mindset.  Over the years I have never heard a better explanation than the one Raymond Holliwell gave in his book, Working with the Law.

Holliwell pointed out:

“If you are not succeeding, if you lack any good thing, look more closely to the cause.  It is not outside; it is somewhere within.”

Notice where you fail to use the Law correctly to think rightly.  There are 3 points in everyday life where one may fall into a snare & delusion:

Do you expect something for nothing?

Does it make you feel good or please you when you get something without paying for it?  If so, you are violating the Law.  Your returns will always be unsatisfactory.  No matter where you go be willing to pay your own way.

Have you known some person who hangs back when you go out for an evening's entertainment? They stand back and let the other fellow pay for the show.  People like that lose hundreds of dollars when they try to save themselves a few bucks.  The quality of thought they entertain REPELS many dollars they could attract. If you knowingly cheat another one of a dollar, it may cost you many dollars for the mistake.

Do you hunt for things that are called cheap?

Are  you are bargain hunter?  Cheap thoughts can only bring cheap returns.  Those who wait for bargain days will always have to take bargains, but remember – there are no bargains in life. If you have gained monetarily, you may have lost in other ways.

You place yourself in a vibration that lowers your present state.  It forces you below your proper level. It limits your thought to a state where you support underselling, cutting, bankruptcy and dishonesty on the part of the seller. He must deceive, cheat or lie about the price of the bargain (or some other article), because he is in business to make a fair profit. You become a party to the violation and come under its penalty.

Do you begrudge spending money?

Do you hate to pay your bills?  Release your money cheerfully, even if it be that last dollar you have.  Decide what your need is & if it is of greater value than the dollar in your hand, then spend the dollar cheerfully.  In this way, you comply with a law.

Oftentimes, we get to a low level and we begin to tighten our purse strings.

We begin to hold back.  This is like closing the faucet! It limits the supply from pouring in to you. The Law inevitably produces its own exactness as a rule of action. It's a Divine Law and tolerates no violation.


  1. What a great explanation, and in my case reminder, about the mindset of bargain hunting and looking to haggle over a price.
    Our overall mindset is the thing that brings us prosperity, act prosperous not resentful of the price of things. Choose to afford something or not. This is a great piece in these times of what the world would call, recession and difficult.
    Thanks David

  2. Yes! This resonates with me loudly. When someone provides a service or product to me, I feel horribly uncomfortable asking them for a “discount.” I don’t like haggling over price. The price is what it is and I’ll decide whether or not it’s worth it to me to cheerfully and enthusiastically hand over my money or not.

    Searching for bargains eats up my precious time. And my time is WAY more important that saving a couple bucks.

    *Sigh* This blog is a good one.

  3. I am generous with spending, much to the annoyance of my better half, in that she does not approve of what I spend on. Also she is no miser either, just different priorities when it comes to spending. Anyway, right now I have credit card and other bills to pay, but the kitty is exhausted, I mean only about a quarter of the bills can be paid, with nothing left for the kitchen and kids. So, I need to make some bucks fast; I have entered into agreement with a couple of parties to provide coaching, but it will be a while before money starts coming in.
    Years ago, I did some voluntary work, and my regular work filled up so much, that I decided to discontinue the voluntary work, especially when someone else had come in to do work similar to mine. Oddly (or perhaps not so oddly) my regular work began to shrink since then. Now I understand. I’d really like a few clients right now!