3 Steps to More Life

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from A.M. Williams.

Neagle Code Question

Happy New Year David!

I just recently figured out that what I want above everything else is More Life; specifically, happiness, harmony, and wholeness.

Within these three “wants” are all my income, health, relationship, and personal growth/achievement goals.

In your post from Dec 30th, the first step to creating what you want speaks of creating a clear vision.

And your third step speaks of letting go of things that don’t support the new commitment. Doesn’t that come with establishing new habits?

Neagle Code Answer

Hi A.M., and thanks for your question!

I am often asked how a person can follow the philosophy of More Life.

How can we have
more life in our life?

I wrote the 10 steps to turning any desire into a reality last month, but I feel this is a bit different.

More Life is the reality of the Universe; however, it doesn't become our personal reality until we are able to see that it's there for us.

So for you to achieve the goal of More Life, you too need to see that it’s there for you.

This begins with a change in attitude.

I made an attitude change in 1993 that has never failed me yet. I suggest you do the same, because this attitude change will allow you, if you do it every day, to see what you previously couldn't see before.

1. Fall in Love with what you do everyday.

2. Do everything in your life to the best of your current ability.

3. Treat all people with respect.

When you make these three attitude changes (so much so that it becomes who you are) you will see great changes come your way.

You will create a vision for your life, have more opportunity and remove toxic things and people from your surroundings.

Make a practice of changing these three things every day and you will have more life in every way.

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  1. I love David’s advice!
    What helped me even more is listening to his “Art of Success” course over and over.
    I have experienced the “switch of awareness” he mentions so many times, yet so hard to practically get….
    Thank you, David!