A Paradigm Shift

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve reached a point in your life where what you want is colliding with what you think you can have.

You might feel dissatisfied with your life, upset at your prospects, tired of your job, whatever it might be, because you know that your life has a greater purpose than whatever you’re living right now.

You’re correct.

As I’ve discussed, we all have a specific purpose in life that we can step into. However, from a young age, we learn to deny that purpose and the desires connected to it. Why would anybody want to deny it?

The answer is simple, a fundamental fact of life:

When we’re born, we need to survive.

For the first years of our lives, we depend completely on our parents for all of our needs. Because everything we need comes from our parents—food, shelter, clothing, doctors visits, love—we, naturally, do whatever we can to make sure that they keep supporting us. Usually, this means that we learn and adapt to their mindset and their ways of behaving.

We value what they value, want what they want, and think how they think, all so that they will accept us and so we won’t feel threatened in our home.

Sounds great, right?

Except that’s not
our purpose.

Our purpose goes beyond that. However, when we’re young, we don’t recognize that we aren’t living true to our purpose, and we don’t recognize how dysfunctional this form of thinking is. We just keep trying to survive, trying to fit in, trying to be safe.

Ultimately, we’ve traded our purposes for safety.

To move forward, we have to sacrifice our illusion of safety, for our purpose.

I say illusion of safety because, the crazy thing is, we don’t have to make this trade. We will be safe—even more safe—living within our purpose and following our desires. How could we not be?

Our purpose resides to our spiritual DNA, it will always guide us towards more growth and more life.

Sadly, most people will go through their entire lives without realizing that they can live within their purpose, because it requires a lot of courage to do this. Any time that you begin to question the middle class mindset, your old paradigm of thinking, your subconscious mind will flare up.

Your subconscious has learned that there is one way to survive—whether that’s to fit in, go to Church, go to work, make your house payment—whatever it might be. As soon as you start to question these patterns, your subconscious thinks that you’re putting yourself in danger.

Those messages will get to your conscious mind, and, if you’re not aware of the way these processes work, you’ll stop going forward, and you’ll return to safety.

So, it takes a lot of courage to move away from where you feel safe. But, there is something good that comes from this impulse: you can follow your fear.

Usually, if the idea of making a specific change in your life scares you, then that’s exactly what you need to go out and do, because that fear is the middle class mindset trying to hold you back from your desires.

Follow your fear, step into your purpose, and you’ll start to see dramatic results.

And until next week…

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  1. This is my favorite of your blogs so far. To me, this message says everything one needs to know to move forward toward a life that more closely resembles, if not matches or exceeds, their dreams. This kinda just says it all. Of course it’s not easy, but it really can be this simple. You are the real deal, David Neagle. Thank you for your commitment to helping people find freedom in themselves.

    • Thanks for the post Hollis, I’m so grateful you enjoyed it. I love that you say it’s not easy but can be simple. That surely embodies my message. It takes work, but through desire and taking action again and again and again things always shift. That is the Law. I appreciate you writing in and for taking the time to share here.