Why am I afraid to charge what I am worth?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

All but one part of my life “clicks.” My bills are paid. My relationships are fantastic. I love what I do and am super happy except for this one thing.

I find it gut-wrenching to charge for my work. I rarely charge what the work was worth. I am excellent at what I do, and have great testimonials. I feel like I have a good self-esteem. I just prefer to do what I love and let the Universe provide.

I'd like to step up my income and move to the next level, which will mean charging what my quality of work is worth. Can you help?

Neagle Code Answer

I love this question…

I need to tell you something, and I’m typing it with nothing but love.

You don’t have a healthy self-esteem.

If you did, you wouldn’t be afraid of the rejection you would have to deal with when you begin to charge what you’re worth.

Above you said that you’re excellent at what you do, and that you have great testimonials. So tell me, if this is the case, why would you find it gut-wrenching to charge for your work?

You prefer to do what you love and let the Universe provide because you are afraid of what will need to happen for you to grow. You would need to stand in your power, be confident and not be afraid of hearing the word, “no”.

And let me tell you something, the Universe doesn’t “provide” anything. It does what you tell it to do. You DECIDE, and the Universe responds. And right now you are creating just enough to get by.

You see Spirit doesn’t speak to you through fear, therefore, it’s not Spirit that’s making it gut-wrenching to charge for your services.

It’s your ego.

Your ego knows that you are afraid of rejection and judgment from others, and so it uses that belief to stop you from growing.

Charging what you’re worth means that you would need to grow into being that person, and that’s something your ego DOES NOT want you to do because it views any kind of growth as a risk.

So, what are the services you offer worth?

Pick a number.

Can you see yourself feeling good about asking for that price for what you offer?

Write it down and practice saying it out loud. Make it feel real to you.


In your next sales conversation ask for that price.

It’s the only way to push through that gut-wrenching fear.



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  1. David this is one of my favorite Neagle Codes to date. The non-providing of the Universe is such a twisted topic that so many are afraid to accept. Even those that are preaching about the Universe. You don’t preach. You truth talk and I thank you for that.

    • Hi Renee, great to hear from you! Thanks for the comment; I enjoyed this one too. No preaching necessary for sure, truth is truth. Hope you are fabulous and look forward to seeing you this summer. It’s going to rock!

  2. Excellent insight David. It’s the inner game that prevents us from succeeding. I found it interesting that this person had happiness in his relationships and does what he loves. He has success in part of his life, but in a financial area was not happy. I think you nailed it with the self esteem. He has a paradigm that is controlling his perception about the value of money. Do you think he lacks self confidence, or just devalues his self?

    • It’s difficult to pin point the exact pain from this individual Gary, but charging what you’re worth is a common struggle for many entrepreneurs and those in business for themselves. When it comes down to it, rejection is a deterrent to success and it shows up in devaluing your own services. Remember this, sales is something you do FOR someone not to them. That helps when it comes time to charging what you know is providing a service that will help move someone forward. Appreciate the post.