An Exercise to Conquer Fear

Do you let fear stop you from taking action on creating the life of your dreams?

If so, here’s an exercise for you.

Take out a blank sheet of paper. Write down all the things you haven’t done in your life because of fear.

And understand this:

In order for fear to get you to say “no,” it has to get your agreement.

Don’t ever forget this. If you can remember this for the rest of your life, it will allow you to do something most people never do — to step out of the fear briefly, and analyze your decision from a place of TRUTH.

If fear is stopping you…ask yourself, “What am I agreeing with in my fear?”

Is it that you can’t do it? That something will go wrong? That you’ll make a mistake?

All the reasons why you “can’t” do something are wrapped up in your fear.

…That’s how fear stops every person. That’s the only way fear can stop you…

It gets you to agree with something that’s not true.

So…what do you agree with?

Human beings are only born with two fears — the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Our two-million-year-old brain has a mechanism designed to stop us from doing things that might kill us.

But today, once you grow up, fear is not something that should even be part of your life.

Why? Because you have the ability to choose.

Many people live in fear of all kinds. Maybe they have fear in their relationship, fear in their finances, fear in their health, fear in where they live…

But we have the ability to choose.

If we’re actually in some kind of danger, we can choose to move ourselves out of that danger. So there’s no reason to live in fear.

When fear stops you from doing something — just pause and ask yourself, “What am I agreeing with, in order for this fear to stop me?

You’re agreeing with something.

For most people, it’s subconscious. They’re not even sure what they’re agreeing with, because they’ve never asked themselves this question before.

All they experience is the emotion — a bad feeling.

All they see are things in their environment that represent “why I can’t do this thing I want to do.”

They agree with it, and they stop right there.

Then there’s no forward movement.

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