Are you setting goals and taking action?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from a student who wishes to remain anonymous.


David, you work with people to take their high-5 and low-6 figure businesses over the 7-figure mark. What do you suggest for those who have yet to make any money at all from their services?


Great question.

First let me clarify something.

I work with anyone who wants to be or already is an entrepreneur. I work with people just starting out, and I work with people who have been in business for themselves for years. It makes no difference to me how much my students make because I know that to the Universe there is no difference between one dollar and a million dollars.

It’s all energy.

I firmly believe that every single human being on this planet has the same amount of money, as each of us has the potential, through individual thought and decision, to manifest what we want when we want it. It’s the truth.

Now, on to answer your question…

You’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of knowing where you are, right? Well, in this case if you’re going to set goals for yourself, it’s important that you get very honest with yourself about where you are right now in your business and your life.

Once you’ve done that, set your first goal. It could be a financial goal, “I’m going to make $1,000.00 this month.”, or it could be a benchmark goal, “I’m going to gain one new client this week.” It really doesn’t matter, as long as you can see yourself attaining the goal. You must be able to get behind it emotionally for you to truly to EXPECT your DESIRE to manifest. (Remember manifestation is a two part process: desire and expectation.)

After you’ve set your goal, you MUST TAKE ACTION. This is the place that trips up most people. I have many students that tell me they know what they should do, but they just can’t make themselves do it. This place is what I call your blind spot. You know you should be doing something, and yet, you catch yourself playing Farmville instead of making sales calls. Without action there is no manifestation. If you can identify with this, I suggest you attend my free teleclass on Sept 30th. It’s all about the dreaded blind spot.

Once you’ve taken action, you ADAPT to what happens because of that action, and you remain open to new opportunities.

The cycle then repeats beginning with you setting a new goal, “I’m going to make $2,000.00 this month.”, and pretty soon and in a very short time, you’ve created a successful business.

The time it takes you to build that business depends on how quickly you move through the steps, and how long you allow yourself to flounder around before getting help if you need it.

The great thing about this cycle is that it pertains to new business owners who haven’t made a cent in their business, and it also rings true for entrepreneurs who are already at the 5 or 6 figure mark. It’s the same for everyone. And it’s what I use to help my students achieve their dreams both financially and personally.

So, I guess the question would be; why aren’t you making any money in your business?

Abundance is all around you.

Come on, get going…

People are waiting for you to shine your brilliant light, so what are you resisting?

“Just Believe”,

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    • You’re welcome Patty! It really can be simple when we get out of our own way, but that is where many get stuck. I appreciate your post and look forward to seeing more.

  1. Great question, I applaud who asked it. And, David, thanks for taking time to respond to this. You know, you helped me tremendously when you ‘humiliated’ me in LA (I am the woman who had difficulty ‘finding my voice’ to ‘save’ my children). ANyway, as a result of that experience and other events that have occurred for me recently, I have had some insights that may help other readers.

    For some time I have been feeling like things were not happening for me because i was holding on to something that I needed to release. Over and over I got the sense that if I could just let go, the world would open up to me. For whatever reason, I continued to cling. And I continued to be stuck right where I was.

    It felt like I was a swan, swimming with ducks. Now don’t get me wrong, ducks are great, if you’re a duck. But if you’re a swan and you’re swimming in the duck pond you’ll be ridiculed, made to feel like an outsider, you’ll get pecked, end up bloody and you’ll continue to live in fear. You’ll never feel like you fit in – although you’ll keep trying, trying, trying to fit in, to no avail.

    Nothing will ever change because you’re a swan, the ducks know it, and they hate you for it, and somehow you know it deep inside, but you stay in the duck pond – alone and stuck.

    I get it now. I’ve let go.

    First the free-fall – I realize that I’ve been living on crumbs, DUCK CRUMBS and I’m a SWAN – suddenly EVERYTHING is changing. I’m beginning to see myself differently – my feathers are beginning to shine and glisten in the light I’ve been called to…The brilliance of it is simply amazing.

    All of this time my true nature has been concealed because I clung to a life of crumbs.

    And now the ascent – My God – what a beautiful, magnificent thing it is to wake up and realize that you are a swan.

    • Thanks for your openness Karen and congratulations for gaining the awareness necessary for moving forward. Would you mind sharing with the readership what that felt like the moment you became aware that letting go was the path to bigger and better things? There are so many people out there who feel like they are in that same alone and stuck place you found yourself prior to your realization that it was no longer serving you. This is completely unnecessary.

      Just remember Karen, none of this is supposed to be difficult. I appreciate the post and look forward to hearing back from you soon.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I have just started my new business venture and am a total business newbie.I have literally just started putting myself out into the world. Your comments have been very helpful (As they always are!) Thanks again David

    • You are welcome Jackie! Remember that we all have to start somewhere and that is exactly where you find yourself now. Continue saying “YES” and stepping into your greatness…amazing things happen when you let go.

  3. Ah, David, you are surely loved.
    I thank you so much.
    Your quiet belief and surety are magnificent.
    I surely have appreciated this time with you.

    I have used your words as my signoff:


    Karen-Marie Glidewell

    ps. As David Neagle states so eloquently: “Everything our hearts desire is here now … we only need make the decision, trust in Spirit, and never falter for a single moment from our commitment to be free, happy, and our truest expression of the divine [Love].”

    • Thank you for your kindness Karen-Marie! I am so grateful that my words are having an impact on you. Please let my team and I know how you are moving forward and in what capacity we can be of assistance to you. And you are right…it’s ALL here now!