Are you afraid, lazy or just too comfortable?

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comes from Richard.

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Hi David and thanks for taking my question!

My problem is that I’m comfortable. I have deep desires to build a business that helps others, but I can’t seem to change the things I need to change or do the things I know I need to do to get myself going in the right direction. I’m not sure if it’s because of some strange fear, or if I’m just lazy.

Any insight you can provide would be extremely helpful.


Neagle Code Answer

Hi Richard!

The truth in your situation is that you just don’t want it bad enough. You are content to stay where you are, and there’s nothing really that’s creating a sense of urgency for you.

In these instances YOU have to create the sense of urgency.

Let me explain…

Until your burning desire is greater than your need for comfort, nothing will change. Growth is uncomfortable. Without the discomfort, we don’t grow. And if you’re not growing, it’s going to be nearly impossible to help someone else grow.

Ask yourself what in your life is keeping you comfortable?

• Is it a job you show up to every day?
• Is it your savings account?
• Is it your safe group of people around you?
• What specifically do you fall back on as that safety net?

In order for you to move past this, you have to identify that safety net and burn it.

Then you have to fall deeply, madly and 100% in love with this desire you have to help people.

You see, the juice of life lies beyond your comfort zone

As we grow and expand, we can then enrich the lives of others.

Just Believe,®
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  1. A really good post but how exactly do you “burn” the safety net? And, how do you fall deeply and madly in love with your desire?

    • Thanks for the post Celeste. Burning the safety net, or better still, burning the ships, creates the sense of urgency necessary to move forward. For many, when they get too comfortable their urgency fades and they stay in the same place, tolerating things they normally wouldn’t. To create that sense of urgency think of something you have been wanting and go and get it. That tends to do the trick. As for your question on falling in love with your desire, there is no ‘how-to’ manual. You will know when you know.

  2. I’ve been in this exact place, and David is so right. For me, I also had a strong desire for ease that needed to be satisfied before I was willing to get uncomfortable. Now that my desire to serve is growing, I am creating urgency by starting to live as the person/entrepreneur that I want to be. This has included increasing my spending. Now that bigger bills are coming in, I am motivated to create ways to up my income.

    • That’s fantastic Steph! Thanks for sharing. That is exactly how you go about creating the income you’ve always wanted. Keep me posted.

  3. Great answer. So many of us fall into this category we don’t recognize it however this person did. Without a desire and a sense of urgency nothing happens.

  4. Thank you David for being so inspirational and encouraging. I believe in the power of intention. When we’re in alignment with what we want to create and keep pushing in the direction of our dreams, wonderful things happen..

    • Thanks for the comment Adriana. The power of intention is quite powerful, and seeing something as if it is already here makes a huge difference in receiving what it is that you truly desire. That, along with focused and committed action, will bring it faster than you ever imagined. Keep doing it again, and again and again …