Are you truly focused on what you want?

This week’s question from my portal The Neagle Code: Directions for Life comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


I often feel that there are so many things to do with my business and to promote my business that are important right now that I feel bombarded with ideas. How can I discern which thing to do and when to do it to avoid being behind the 8-ball with the opportunities? I always feel like if I’d done that a month or 2 ago, it would have worked better.


Thanks for your question!

This is a very common problem experienced by entrepreneurs in any and all stages of their business. So I’m going to ask everyone reading this to play with some ideas and then let me know if you’ve gained a little clarity by the end. You’ll be surprised how quickly this works.

First, let’s be clear on what’s going on here.

You are manifesting distraction, and based on your website (yep, I went there), you’re not clear on your target market.

You are getting all kinds of ideas because you haven’t been clear about what you want and who you’d like to work with.

It’s better to focus on one thing and take action on that one thing rather than to focus on many and do nothing.

Ready to get moving?

First, you MUST figure out who you would most LOVE to work with. Is your ideal client a real estate agent, an entrepreneur new to her business, someone searching for a purpose, or someone needing help building a team? EXACTLY who would you most LOVE to work with? Yes, I know, you don’t want to exclude anyone, but you must pick ONE for now. Create a profile for that person. I give step by step instructions in one of my previous blogs if you really want to get clear:

Next, decide what your most pressing need is RIGHT NOW. If your biggest need is cash flow, create a plan around the fastest way to satisfy that need, and focus on your ideal client. So, if your biggest need is cash flow, don’t waste your time on website design. Websites don’t produce cash flow, sales conversations do. Immediately focus your efforts on tapping in to the resources around you.

And finally, don’t second guess your past decisions. You did the best that you could when you made those decisions. Remember, everything you do gets you closer to where you want to go.

If you want to speed that progression up, you must have a clear target market, message and goal.

When you send off confusing messages and you get confusion in return.

“Just Believe”,

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  1. Good points David!

    The more you focus on what you want, and act on that, the more your life purpose emerges. Then everything makes more sense. Your passions and gifts come more into play and it’s easier to decide your next step and trust it.

    Phillip Mountrose

    • Well said Phillip! Bringing your passion and gifts to the forefront through focus is something more of us need to do. And you mention the word trust also; we know we are not supposed to struggle but often do. Have faith to endure all those “struggles” and see the gift in each and every one. Another stepping stone on the path to abundance …

    • Thanks for the post Vanessa! Overwhelm does happen but when we take a step back and realize that everything happens in perfect time it tends to ease the stress that goes along with it. Focus is the key!

  2. Wonderful response David, we loved it.

    So true what you wrote about web site design and the like. Even more – many times tasks like web and graphic designs, extra activities in social networks etc. are “great” excuses for avoiding the things which matter most. Such a common trap.

    Thanks a lot for that enlightening answer

  3. “You are getting all kinds of ideas because you haven’t been clear about what you want and who you’d like to work with.” This was me for about the 8 years. 🙁

    Found my focus earlier this year and it’s been a breeze!

    Finally forgave myself for bad biz decisions that I did feel (and know!) were wrong for me…

    Great post!

    @SandraBaptist (on Twitter)