Are you worthy?

This week's question from my portal The Neagle Code: Directions for Life comes from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.


How do I truly convince myself that I am worthy of everything I want?


You don’t have to convince yourself of anything. You just have to look at Truth.

The truth is that you are a divine being, created in the likeness of Spirit, God, Allah, or whatever spiritual belief that you subscribe to. And being that this is in fact, TRUTH, it is also true, that nothing unworthy of God is worthy of you.

You are worthy of everything and anything that you want.

What made Bill Gates or Oprah worthy of their riches? They are the same as you. Nothing separates you.

The fact that you are even asking this question shows that somewhere a message got handed to you that you agreed with. That message could have been that you need to work hard for anything in life, or that you weren’t good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough. Your self esteem was damaged, and you vowed that you’d never open yourself up to that vulnerability again. Questioning worthiness comes from a place of being afraid to be seen or heard for fear of ridicule.

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you didn’t care what others thought. If you weren’t worried about making mistakes, looking like a fool, or being humiliated. How would your decision making be different? More importantly, how would your LIFE be different?

I encourage you to make a decision today that you ARE worthy. Don’t “convince” yourself.

Proclaim it.

Stand in your power, say it out loud, and continue to do so until small changes in your thinking and behavior begin to occur. Every morning, look in the mirror, and tell yourself that you’re perfect just the way you are and that NOTHING unworthy of God is worthy of you.

Only then will you see your brilliance in this world and be shown the opportunities in life that will change EVERYTHING.

Because, my friend, THAT is the TRUTH, and The Universe wants you to have all that you desire even more than you want it for yourself.

“Just Believe”,

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  1. How do I attract friends into my life that are much
    more like myself. A women of my word.
    Not reactive, but calm & understanding. Someone
    that goes with the flow, thinking of others
    instead of just what they want but a sharing
    Someone that really wants to be in a true and
    lasting relationship of mutual respect &
    concern. While I’m on the subject a soulmate too.
    also. As a bonus it would be great if they to
    were seekers of the truth as I am.

  2. Brilliant reply. This is my favorite question thus far. I love how you write “Don’t convince yourself. Proclaim it.” I definitely needed to receive this today. With gratitude for your continued work. Like so many before I continue to study, study, study the words of those I respect and trust. It continues to amaze me how the simpliest of concepts is always the answer. “Source” is just not complicated.

    Lisa Neumann
    An Accomplished Mind

  3. Thanks for posting David. This was hard for me too. I honestly don’t know where that fear came from but I’m sure I could pinpoint if I thought about it long enough. But I’m learning slowly to step into my power and own it and realize that it is ok for me to do that because I’m worthy and I want everyone else to know that they are worthy too!

  4. David! I love this post! I’ve recently been toying with the idea of having a “short memory.” When I make a mistake, or have some enormous fear about something, I stop to look at it, acknowlege how I feel about it, and then let it go. It’s not always easy, but when I don’t allow those things to take over my life and bog me down in a cloud of anxiety and regret, then I notice I’m not so afraid of other mistakes happening in my future. And it’s not apathy for people and things, like I always thought it would be, it’s just a quiet acknowledgment that worry and fear are just a part of the human experience and don’t say anything about me. I am not lesser because of my screwups. None of us are. And being able to handle myself with compassion and easy forgiveness makes seeing my divinity, and inherent, invaluable worth, so much easier. Thank you for this post!