Art of Success Business School Lesson 2: The First Breakthrough

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Success is not to be worked on when it’s convenient or when you have spare time.

David shares how to shatter the old value system that has kept you from success and how having a sense of urgency and strong desire is absolutely crucial for change.

You'll even hear David address some of the specific desires of the audience, and see how they can apply to your own life.



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  1. “They” say nothing is coincidental. David’s “Art of Success Business School” came at just the right time. I so need to hear and re-hear him about getting that “sense of urgency.” Thank you!

    P.S. I deserve to be one of the top fifty if for no other reason than persevering through the technical challenge of getting iTunes up on my computer and then finding this page. Some of us are just a bit slow! LOL!

    • There are no coincidences in this life MaryJo, and I know you’ve heard me say that a time or two. It’s like that rubber band that expands and contracts when you pay no attention to your personal growth. This series is meant to be listened to and studied over and over again; repetition gets it in and allows that rubber band to stay put. Also, congrats on getting iTunes up. Stay tuned for more opportunities to listen to my material as I release them…and do tell your friends! Until next time, keep on learning and living!

  2. I have come to truly understand and experience “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” David, you are definitely a part of my “Best-Life” plan, and I look forward to listening to this series time and time again to manifest my “millions within”. Thank you for making such valuable material available to construct the mindset to build the ultimate enterprise! Looking forward to meeting you!

    • My pleasure A.M, and thanks for the post. I am pleased that you have found my podcast and love the fact that I am a part of your ‘Best Life’ plan! See you soon.

  3. Hi
    Sometime I feel left out and forgotten.
    I believe I have the power to stand up and act toward my success. But the one controlling my funds ” trustee” she always put fear on me wherever I speak about starting my business and forget work.
    How can I deal with the situation until she deliver my dreams. The sense of urgency.

    • Thanks for the post Albert. If you say you have the power to stand up and claim your own success, then you have to first begin by controlling your own funds. No one can deliver your dreams but you, and it starts with having an honest conversation about these funds with your trustee. If that doesn’t come out as you intend, then go make the money you need to begin your business on your own. You can’t expect to be successful if you are always relying on someone else to ‘let’ you do something. Stepping out in faith will raise that sense of urgency and compel you to do what needs to be done to ensure your success.